Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Poor Blog

Theater auditions and lunches with friends
Scout hikes and pinewood derby
and early morning running

and no post on the blog

Mother's Day cards and coupons from kids
Ipad and bikes and gadgets and gizmos
Clients and oils and Dr. appointments with Grandma

no time for my poor little blog

TV series and political rantings
State Delegate drama and powerful prophecies
Haunting books and book club breakfasts, another dead kitty and endless tears

no time to blog

Choir Concerts and piano lessons
Two 5-ks and a new pair of shoes
Birthday Treats and yearbook needs

poor, poor, blog

Packing and planning for a weekend away
Student Council posters (and rejection) and end of year reports
Genealogy and ancestors stories

and still no time to blog

....is anyone else finding May to be the busiest time of the year?

sometimes I wish I could slow it all down-
I enjoy this life
I just don't want to miss it

Monday, May 10, 2010

Neither Julie or Julia

For all of you who enjoyed the fellow-blogger movie "Julie and Julia" I just have to ask-
did it make you want to cook?
Did it make you want to shop for ingredients and pots and pans ?
Did it make you want to throw a dinner party?

See, I am neither a Julie or a Julia, I am not gifted in the kitchen, although I did make wedding cakes for a while to earn extra cash from home.... but I never took Home Ec and I cried when my mom made me make hamburger patties out of raw meat.

But dinner is another thing. And this movie made me want to stop whining about my ugly kitchen and start cooking. Add to that my sister's enthusiasm for "The Food Nanny", which she got me hooked on, and I decided to stop making excuses and start learning how to cook.

I have a goal to make at least 2 new recipes a week...anything goes, from cookies to casserole, in the quest of expanding my dinner choices.

So far my kids have given the thumbs down to the lemon pound cake I made and the parsley potatoes we tried. A scalloped ham and potato dish got their approval, while the rack of BBQ ribs I burned to a crisp were still picked at, in spite of the charcoal outer coating. I should add I made the most DIVINE brownies ever, and had to give myself a pat on the back. The chicken enchilada soup my friend made (and handed me the recipe with a smile) has become a new crock pot favorite. I DVR Sandra Lee and Food Nanny and take notes. (Why do they all cook with their hair down? Am I the only one that sheds?)

I will not be blogging in general about my cooking adventures, but just wondered how other moms hold it together and manage to come up with a dinner every night. (Again, Food Nanny is helping me here). I am in awe of the well set table.
I love the idea of a sit down meal more often- Tv off and everything.

I am anxious to hear what the dinner traditions are in other busy homes. I believe that dinner time is important, and determined to bring my family together around the table more than I have in the past.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Shy Shameless Plug

I have been a massage therapist for over 8 years now. It has had it's fabulous moments, and it's trying moments, but I am overwhelmed often by the gift this work has been in my life.

I am a big believer in the power of natural remedies for a lot of our trials, but not anti-doctor by any means. To me it's all about balance. I have used oils in my practice since the start (I used them before I was a therapist), and I have a lot of clients request referrals for good oils, or ask to buy them from me. I have never sold anything in my therapy...until now. I tried a few samples of these oils and had to have them. I know they will boast they are 'more clean" (blah blah blah") and 'more pure' (yadda yadda yadda) , but I don't care about that. Maybe I should, but doesn't every one say that stuff?

I want oils that smell fresh- every time I open the bottle. I want oils that make my mouth water, or that make my soul sigh. I want oils that my kids beg to have me rub on their head when they feel worn out and need to bond.

That is what I found. So this will be my only shameless plug for Doterra oils. I have a link on my side bar, but honestly, I don't care where you find your choice of good oils. Just let them help you get out of whatever funk you are in, and don't be afraid to be picky.

I have stopped earaches before bed, leg cramps after a soccer game, headaches of a teenage boy, Diet Coke cravings (yes, it's true. It is amazing what a drop of lemon oil in a water bottle can do), and my biggest testimonial- I grabbed my SOLDERING IRON by the HOT end after it had been on for 2 hours- while throwing a craft fit. (Do you ever throw those when a craft goes bad?) I literally heard my finger sizzle. Ouch.
Anyway, I slathered that finger in oil and wrapped it with a band-aid. No ice, no boo0-hooing, well, maybe I boo-hooed for a minute, but it only hurt a few minutes, then the pain stopped. The next day there was no welt, no blister, no burn, no red. My finger looks perfect. That was all it took. I became a walking testimonial.

I have an AWESOME reference guide, too. So if you have oils that you haven't used for a while or if you need a tip on something that is bugging you- from warts to cramps- just e-mail me. I would be happy to look something up for you if you give me time to respond, and we will cross our fingers together that you will have the same results I have had.

I had to brag for a minute......

and now, back to your regular scheduled blog.