Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How they grow

It is an obvious truth in this world. The moment a new baby comes around you look at your youngest and think... when did you get so big? My boys were more excited for their new cousin Beckham then I have seen them in a long time. At the hospital they waited while nurses scrubbed, poked, and bathed the neswest cousin. They refused to leave unitl they had a chance to hold the little baby.
Meanwhile, life is busy.... due to Mike's traveling and ward meetings I decided to invite the Easter Bunny to our house a night early. (Why did I not do this sooner? It was so nice!) I told Parker that I might try to find the e-mail or website and leave a message for the Easter Bunny of the change in plans. He got a funny look on his face and asked slyly..., Mom, is the Easter bunny just a human in a costume?" I felt my heart pick up speed as I thought... 'this is it!" I said.. "What do YOU think the Easter Bunny is?"
He thought for a minute and said, "I don't know, but it has to be a human in a costume!" After our Christmas talk and suspicions that Santa is Jesus, one thing is for sure. He is old enough to doubt the magic of mythical gift bearing figures, but can not comprehend the fact that it may be some one he knows.
Ahhh, the beauty of childhood. Mom and dad never get any credit for anything!

Friday, March 7, 2008

In Memory of

In a logical world I know the loss of our Prophet on earth is a blessing for him and his sweet wife. In the emotional world, it still causes me to get emotional. Just this Sunday as I opened the memorial that came with the Ensign I started to cry..... again.

Living less than an hour away from Salt Lake I decided to take my kids to the viewing. We stood in the cold for a while (Parker forgot his coat, so off went mine to cover his little body). Parker kept saying "Mom, are you sure you're okay?" But I honestly just wanted to be there, so it was okay with me. Then they quietly had us wait seated in the conference area. Just looking around at all the people filing through was overwhelming. I started to list all of my memories of this man in my head.... all of his quotes, the "Be's", Standing for Something, the temples, the growth in the church, the press appearances, reading the Book of Mormon (and failing to finish by Decmeber) with millions of other members.... mostly, his little laugh and sense of humor. I felt so honored to be there, so honored to worship, and so honored to belong to the great community of people that is the Latter Day Saint Church.

My kids were quiet and reverent the whole time we watied and as we passed his casket. I hope they will rememebr this moment in their lives and that somehow a little bit of his greatness has touched us all forever.