Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why I tolerate Tyra

America's Next Top Model

Tyra Banks.

Recoil. Eye roll. Embarrassed laugh.

I've heard it all over the years and I can imitate her voice at "panel" to perfection "5 beautiful girls stand before me...but I only have 4 photos in my hands..."

But cycle after cycle, week after week, drama after starving girl drama, I TUNE IN.

And here is why.....

I love the whole creativity process, from hair and makeup, fashion and costuming, and to the photographer and sets.

I am so thrilled while I see the magic behind the pictures.

Week after week I will watch, dream, be inspired, and imagine

and probably roll my eyes at Tyra.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Inspiration for the Creative

To all the women I follow who create lovely rooms, yards, tags, collages, clothing, jewelry and beautiful lives around me : this gift of truly sacred words I pass along to you

Sit for 2 minutes and celebrate with me our ability to create

I am overwhelmed by the beautiful things I see

that speak to me and revive me.

And for the power to create

I am ever grateful

Happy Easter

(photos: room by Weheartthis.com and Fearless by Papaya Art)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Silly Things

by Curly Girl Designs

"It just seems silly to me, that's all "

This is my husbands response to a girl's over night book club.

I have the best book club, with the best ladies, and we have the best talks. We hit Park City for mexican food (my favorite), lots of chocolate, lots of shopping, and endless talking. I am not kidding, we stayed up until 2am. We discussed our books, we discussed our lives, we discussed religion. I am inspired by the determined and caring women I know.

Even though a man may not have the need for a night away to feel recharged, every single one of us women relished it. On the way home my mom and I stopped into a local little shop called Cherry Lane that we both had been dying to see. (We were probably always with our husbands so we figured we would go later).

It was eye candy and feminine dreaminess of the highest degree.

Wall to wall filled with frills, sparkles, handbags, scents, and more to fill your silly girl dreams up to the brim. My mom bought a gorgeous pink handbag.

Fans of vintage inspired, shabby chic sweet, beauty supplies and stationary will not be disappointed by this little shop. I grabbed a tote (to replace my grubby one that tends to be my favorite) and a few cards, including the Curly Girl one above that hit ironically close to home for me.

If you are in the area for Conference, graduation, skiing- whatever- and you are near Provo this is a little shop you might not want to miss.

As much as I love to escape for a day or two, all it takes is stepping into the house to be reminded my duties await. I have to just get back to work and be grateful for the time I had with the girls.

Before bed I snuck in a little more girliness.

Me and my mermaid soak in bubbles to soothe our sleepless night woes away. Did I mention I love my new giant tub?

Anyway..... I am glad I can believe in what may be silly to another

if you don't want to see me be silly

close your eyes

Monday, April 11, 2011

If you love it, keep it

I have heard several times that you don't need to worry about everything matching, you just need to love what you have. I am not sure if all decorators would agree with that, but I am finally learning as a grown up to quit buying things just to 'fill the space' and wait for something I love.

Before hanging up my WELCOME sign ( that I have adored for a couple of years dangling on my old porch) I realized it was a very stark white, and the letters I touched up last summer were almost too perfect. It looked out of place on my new porch, so I decided to mess it up a little.....

This is one of those times when the result looks better than I had pictured it.

I just wanted it to look darker, but the smudgy stain started to look like natural wood, with the painted finish looking like old vintage chipped paint. I can not wait to get it up on my porch now!

And since I am still gathering (hoarding) things I love to look at and to group and display everywhere possible, I had no room to make my husband put away his eye candy either, so we kept the best of his collection in the antique crates for display in the "man room"

constant dusting aside (isn't that what kids are for?) I am happy with the way everything came together

This fun gas tank reminds me of one that is in my great-grandparent's past, so I am especially happy to see it on these shelves.

I am going to find a way to bring this photo into the space.

A reminder of a simpler time....

but no less enjoyment for the day we live in today

especially when we surround ourselves with things we love

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

I hope you dance

I don't have a little girl to dress up and dance with....but today I got to sneak backstage and share a few moments with my sister and my darling niece at a local dance competition.

My neice is a natural cutie on stage

and equally gorgeous off

Having a camera to play with kept me plenty busy-
I couldn't resist this competing group and their dramatic make-up and eye popping colors.
Wade Robison would have been proud

There is something seriously dreamy about little limbs climbing into fluffy tulle and

I really enjoyed my morning with my beautiful niece and her mom who works so hard to let her daughter live out her dream with moments on stage....

I think we all should dance a little every day