Saturday, October 24, 2009

Emotional eating ROCKS!!!

Some days, it does. Take this little calorie laden emotional satisfaction, for instance......
If you are lucky, the filling will even be piped in buttercream frosting, instead of whip cream, but that is a rare occurrence.

I believe my devotion to the alligator jaw craving started in my tween years. Crumpled dollars and carefully saved quarters added up to enough for the purchase of this never failing bakery miracle. The 'cool' kids left the middle school and walked to Roe's Bakery for this, or perhaps a Maple Bar, and a milk to share. What a lunch. It was rare I had the cash to go along, but I did once in a while.

I have been known to drive to the next town when my local bakery at the market is out of these. Sometimes, this baby doesn't even make it home because I have finished it the car. Some nights, like tonight, I am disciplined enough to save a bit for later, maybe after one more show or a few more chapters.

Call me crazy, call me a binger, call me whatever...I am not sure what this qualifies me as emotionally, but I know there are just some of those days when nothing else will do. Today was one of them.

I salute you, Alligator Jaw. You are a true friend.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Where the wild things are

I have wild things. They know how to have a wild rumpus.
They have roared terrible roars and howled terrible howls.......

They would snuggle by my side as we cracked this book often, which I also enjoyed as young wild thing..... there was always the laughter at the wildness and the pointing out of all that was happening in the pictures. So this story reminds me of being young. being wild, believing in monsters and a good rumpus and children saying "no!"

which would probably explain why seeing this with my wild things made me cry.

Now let me warn you....this movie is strange.
The wild things are weird with problems, they fight and bicker, and it made my kids sad (Mastey G said..."Mom...I thought it would be all funny, then it got sad, so I was like....what the heck!?!")
because it was almost uncomfortable, but overall the sweetness and wildness of little Max, the haunting music filled with kids crazy voices, the scenery and the imagination.....
it just made me sob.

Because my little wild things aren't so little anymore....

Truth be told, I will probably go see the movie again all by myself with a box of tissues and NOBODY else looking at me and saying...
"Why are you crying?"

Because only a mom of wild things understands how fast wild things disappear

Friday, October 9, 2009

Don't bother me.....I'm Playing

Well, the flu hit me full fledged on Sunday and I was down for 2 days puking and feeling sorry myself. After that little trip down pathetic lane was over, I hopped up and got online to continue my search for a used piano.

My kids have taking been piano lessons ever since Santa brought a little Casio Keyboard to the house, and I'll be danged if they haven't stuck with it and gotten pretty good. We had already decided on a digital model, for moving around and less tuning reasons, plus the extras that my boys think they need for future 'band' songs.

Anyway, we ended up finding a used Clavinova that happens to have a self-teaching option.
I turned it on yesterday thinking I would just check it out.......and viola'...the little lights tell my fingers where to go and it actually sounds like...a SONG! I did take piano for a couple of years, but never got past anything too this was like, magic....

Now I am stuck here on the bench, totally addicted. My fingers hurt (oww....just typing this) and I am determined to learn this song ("Bring Him Home") if it kills me. It is so cool....I just have to say...

Go away kids. You don't need to practice!
Ummmm- what primary program?
What baptism tomorrow?

I am playing.