Thursday, March 31, 2011

When you don't feel glamourous

You can at least look at someone else who is.

I loved these pics in Glamour mag.

Natalie Portman looks gorgeous, glamourous, sweet but sexy in these new adverts.
She kind of makes me want to highlight my hair and stick a bow in it.
(Don't worry, I won't. It would never look like this)

And this fabulous shot was one of many

Astrid (like Jan's baby on the office?) Berges-Frisbey
( the new Pirates of The Carribean movie) had a beautiful layout
in this month's issue. I love this layered sheer and sparkly dress-
wish I could see the whole thing.

And while I may be actually schlubbing around the house in my baggy capris and faded t-shirt I do have to admit to one thing. My kitchen makes me feel slightly glamourous.
It is much more fun to cook in a kitchen with space.

The island is so great for setting out food when my kids have friends over, or for working on when I am making dinner. I did not have anything like this before, so it really feels like a luxury to me. I am still getting used to where to put things and how to get around.
When you live in one place for 16 years you can do anything with your eyes closed.
Now I feel clumsy and awkward, but I am not complaining one bit!

I am logging in and blogging from this corner. Strangely, I don't get quite as distracted (for hours and hours) because when I am in my kitchen I kind of get reminded of what is around me and needing to be done. I think that is a good thing. I think.

We are still back and forth trying to empty out the old house and start the home improvements. We leave early and fall into bed exhausted late.....
I am counting down the days to spring break and not because I am going on a great vacation......I think I may stay in bed for the whole week. Maybe read in my tub or sleep on my couch.
I just want to enjoy my new my own pace.
Hope you are looking forward to spring too.

enjoy your space today

Monday, March 28, 2011

Lovely Teen Sanctuary

I am so impressed with the latest project my little sister and her husband took on recently and I had to share it. They took what was once a dreary, large, unpurposed basement room, and completely made it over to a gorgeous young teen get away.

As you can see the space is already cousin approved, where they can catch the vintage classic HR Puff-en Stuff on DVD. Fabulous.

Here are a few more details along with lessons I learned after visiting the new room.

A pretty place to get pretty. I can't believe how much the canister lighting added to the feel of this space. It isn't quite done yet (a little birdie told me someone is hoping for a cute chandelier in this corner) but it really looks fabulous just as it is. I would have loved this gorgeous spot to get ready every morning. Still would! I think the extra effort it took to add the lighting this way really paid off.

I love this little corner. The decor was mostly picked up at Hobby Lobby. This store is quickly becoming a weekly visit spot for me and my sisters and friends. It is great, and these little touches add so much to the room. You don't have to go expensive on everything you bring into a room, you just have to love it.

Fill the little spaces with little touches.
This windowsill may have gone unnoticed, but is now displaying a positive and inpsiring sentiment. You know I love that! I also love the color of the walls and the drapy, slouchingly romantic curtains.

Another tip here- get the color right. My sister originally painted it a blue she thought she loved, but then once the room was completely painted she realized it wasn't quite what she wanted. She re-painted the whole room to get this finished product. Wow.
I hope I am that ambitious with future projects! But if you don't love the pieces, you won't love the final product.

Finally, this room is also a turning point for my cute niece. Her older sister just moved out with room mates leaving her to be the only one left at home with mom and dad. On my way out I spotted these itty bitty ballet shoes, only a few inches long.

These belonged to my niece that is now all grown up moved out on her own. Too cute too miss. And a bittersweet reminder....the days move make yours the best

savor your day

.... and on that note I am enjoying a homemade, thickly frosted brownie after my workout. hey...I'm only human

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Right Place, Right Time

I am actually almost in tears of joy that I have a moment, just a moment to sit down and blog. We are getting closer and closer to being completely out of the old house and into the new one. There are still closets and storage areas to empty, but for the most part we are out. I am happy to be back.

Once in a while you receive the happy gift of just walking in to a store and suddenly finding the thing....the one thing that you would have dies without but didn't know it. The one thing that makes the whole day of trudging around worth it. You know what I am talking about. For me, it was this funky fun sign.

I am slightly obsessed with positive words and sayings on signage, and I am many is too many for one room?

Next I spotted this amazing clock- slightly out of my budget, but hey, it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission, right?

Okay decor experts- don't fret at the height of the clock's placement. I am in search of a beautiful shelf, like one my sister picked up last year at Tai Pan, to go under this clock which I can stack with favorite photo prints. It may be a long journey.

I am in so IN LOVE with this scrunchy comfy couch and the fact that it is always cleared and clean and waiting for a guest. (A luxury I have never had before)

A close up of the decorative pillow that came with the couch.

Is it reasonable to buy an entire couch for one pillow?

Finally a moment to brag......

I bet my dishes are shinier than yours.

(again, same sister as the one with the awesome shelf ~ If you want to absorb her everyday knowledge and greatness follow this LINK to her blog) She sent me to a website that sells dish detergent that has been able to remain effective in spite of the ever looming EPA and it's ridiculous ideas. They sell commercial grade detergent that still contains phophates, so it is actually effective at removing spots and food from your dishes. I actually thought the milk in the bottom of my glasses wasn't getting rinsed well enough after my dishes started all turning white. That is a problem no more.

'Boo' on ridiculous regulations from the ridiculous EPA. How is excessively rinsing my dishes, even rewashing them, or using extra detergent helping the environment? Please. 'Nuff said on that.

We are settling in. I am taking more photos and will share more soon, but getting situated has been a long and grueling process ( please remind me to never move again!). I am still very nervous about putting holes in my walls and trying to figure out where I want to place things. Some of the rooms are slightly empty, which is no fun to see in pictures, so you will just be on this journey with me as we slowly fill the home. Help me be patient!

Until next time

Feather your nest beautifully

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Out of Touch

I am a bit disconnected and out of sorts with the move. No internet at the new house has forced us to empty our home around our computer desk- so when we are here packing we can sit down and check our e-mails (I had almost 500 this morning).

I miss my blog connections and friends as they constantly inspire me and keep me connected with people I know and care about. I hope I get internet at the new place soon. Even my iPad is complaining about how neglected it has become.

I am still in a tiny bit of boxed up chaos but wanted to share just a couple more pictures from the new house.
This is our breakfast nook that is just off the kitchen, separate from "my table", which is out the other direction. I am surprised by how much I love this large tile and warm colors. As you can see walls are bare and blinds are not in yet.

Soon...... real soon.....

Below is the main entry way, with the chairs and table you saw in my last post (chairs from RC Willey, at the amazement of everyone I tell- but I know you can get similar ones at Ballard Designs if the furniture store doesn't carry them any longer) sitting to the right of you as you stand inside the door. If nothing else, this room is pulled together so guests can come sit and fall into the illusion that I am already organized (which I am not).

I am in love with the staircase and I am already planning my entire Christmas decor around it. (Hope I have the energy to make it happen this year!) We were definitely drawn to the staircase when we stepped into this house for the first time. At the top of the stairway to the left side is all the boys bedrooms and bath, and the right french doors open the master suite.

Still lots of work to be done.....

Can I take a break and share a fashion show tidbit?

Is it just me or do these slightly remind you of my bargain shoe love that I endured for Valentine's? I was happy to see these in the Antonio Marras fashion show. Maybe it is time to get yourself a pair! I will say, I wore mine to church with my lace red blouse (header photo) and they got noticed and admired. Even my hubby said they looked great.
Rare. That is rare.

In my weeks of packing, driving, unpacking, stacking, tossing and living I have learned one thing that rings true to me as a woman and as a mother.

A great home can not be bought.
It must be made.

Make your home lovely today

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sneaky peak of our new home

I am so excited to share a sneak peak with my
bloggy friends of our new home. Sweet hubby and I fell in love with the same pieces of furniture, so we made a few new purchases along the way......

These chairs are just as comfortable as they are gorgeous. The table I bought from an online classified picker and fixer name Heather..... I stalk her sales now.
Walls will be bare for a while until I get a feel for the flow of the house.
We have already moved the furniture in this room 4 times.

Almost started crying when I saw this table in the store.
It is constructed with reclaimed barn wood, on thick gorgeous utility legs.
My man made it happen......
thanks, babe.

We were up before the sun was, too excited to sleep any longer in our new place.
My little guy warms up in front of the fire.

Perfect spying space, from up above.

Boxes and boxes of books and more.
Where to put it all.......

Today as we left for school we viewed this sunrise over the hills

Glad I had my camera with me as my son said..."That's a picture you can't miss, mom."

Pinch me.