Thursday, May 29, 2008

SO I think I can Dance......

Seriously people, you saw me in CATS. I took random classes off and on growing up. I am not a 'dancer', but enjoy breaking out in spontaneous moments of movement. Imagine my dismay when, as a family, we sit down to watch So You Think You Can Dance and I burst out laughing at the the antics of the stay at home mom who auditioned from Utah. (you know the one- four small kids, one of which she dropped on the floor saying ..."I am such a good mom!" )

Any way- I was giggling at her moves when my kids exclaimed..."SHe dances like YOU mom!!" One by one, they all agreed... "That is exactly what you look like when you dance!"

I said "Well, I am trying to be funny for you. But when I want to, I can dance...."

"No you can't, mom." They insisted. "I saw you do a cool move once and I could tell it was totally on accident." Connley said.

Is that mean? *sniffle* What's a mom to do? Am I really that bad?

Just to make myself feel better, I am posting the paper that I was published on the cover..... a personal moment of fun..... but then again, as Hayden said, "You were only good in CATS because soemone else taught you the dance."


Monday, May 19, 2008

Dave Ramsey has happened! My Total Money Makeover Weekend...

Dave Ramsey. You either love him or hate him or you haven't heard of him. But if you haven't tried out his message you are missing something. I have not talked about this on my blog, but I am going to now. In 15 months Mike and I have crossed off every debt but 2 from our "to be paid" list. We have paid off over 30 THOUSAND dollars. We have NO CAR PAYMENT at all. We dropped off our Pilot this weekend to the dealership (Lease is up) and drove off in our paid for Honda Odyssey.

The majority of people in this counrty live PAYCHECK to PAYCHECK and have consumer debt constantly hanging over them. Imagine our pay day now... we have NO car payment, NO credit card payment, NO Lowes or RC WIlley payment.... it is a SWEET feeling. And all for the price of one book (which actually was a gift, so it was free!)

Every day I live I am more and more excited for my future. I just got back from a 2 week vacation in Orlando that we carried around enveloped of CASH to pay for whatever we wanted! Can you say Freedom??? And we are just an avergae family! Wait a mintue..... now we are not..... we DON'T BELIEVE IN DEBT!

Friday, May 9, 2008

The End is Near......

Yes. These are my toes. See the sand (it was so soft) in between them. This was the pedicure I got on my "Sisters Weekend" in Seattle. These were my very happy feet in Daytona Beach.

I was packing my kids backpacks this morning when we realized... there is about 14 days of school left here in Utah. The end is near for me. This has been my first year staying home without running off to work part time at a school or spa, and have the kids gone ALL DAY. Am I a bad mother to say it was heaven? I thought I would get so much more done than I did, but..... I have to say, the house was a little cleaner, I was a little calmer, the laundry was done just a little bit more, and I enjoyed my clients more than ever. This was a school year for me to enjoy being me, and that is an accomplishment in and of itself.

I guess all that is left to do now is for me to plan an incredible summer with my kids (Seven Peaks passes already bought) and try to make their summer a little better than the one before.... after all, I can see that they are growing and leaving me little by little, so once again... the end is near, and I am starting to fear the warning I have heard from all the parents I know- They grow and are gone TOO fast.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Blissfully Busy

Can I just say..... Florida is the best! A few years ago Mike and I went for a quick vacation while he worked a couple of days. I remember telling him..."We have got to come back and bring the boys!" Little did I know I set a plan in motion for what would be the funnest 2 week vacation I have had with my boys yet. We hopped from the beach to Sea World to Universal Studios to Aquatica to Islands of Adventure and Busch Gardens. We screamed our lungs out, guzzled soda under the hot sun, Made eye contact with Spiderman, fed and pet the dolphins, soaked our bones on rapid rides, made bubbles and felt a (simulated) earthquake and tornado, and ran after a ride through the exit only to get back inline to ride it again and again (like kids). I seriously felt my eyes stinging as we got on the plane to come home. Connley rolled his eyes... "dad, mom is going to cry" but really, who does this? Who has 3 hilarious boys and such a sweet husband and vacations for 2 weeks for spring break? I do! Now you understand my tears.