Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Me and My Big Mouth

(At the St. John's Chapel where Patrick Henry gave his "Liberty or Death" speech)
Well, political friends, tonight was the caucus meeting for my state and district. I showed up ready to hear what everyone else had to say, maybe contribute a thought or two, vote, take names of who is accountable for future reference, and head home.
I was among friends and strangers both, but everyone was there with a purpose- make a change in our leadership. Before I knew it, my name was nominated...and voted for...and won.

I am now a district delegate for the state and county conventions, AND the treasurer/secretary of my district.

Okay...keep breathing.

I want to be overwhelmed, really I do, but I just can't. I can't feel stressed or burdened. I can't force myself to feel nervous.

I feel great. I keep thinking about seeing this image in the Smithsonian:

This photo was taken as the original Star Bangled Banner toured the country after the battle of 1812. I stood at the feet of that flag and I tell you, it was nothing short of sacred. Singing the The Star Spangled Banner is a whole new experience for me, and the things I saw while on my "Freedom Tour" last year are still fresh on my mind.

I am bothered by 'representatives' that don't represent. I am bothered by a Congress that feels they know better than the people, and a President that feels he knows better than the people, and the whole lot of them, with the media tucked in their pocket telling the people they aren't smart, informed, or elite enough to know what is best for them.

I am searching for a Thomas Jefferson......anyone, from any state, who is not afraid to 'swear on the altar of God' that they will be willing to defend tyranny. For me, sitting in the Jefferson Monument, reading the Bill of Rights, pondering his God fearing words, was truly spiritual, inspirational, and sacred.
Could we visit the floor of the House today and feel it a sacred place? Would our national leaders vow to honor God, morality, or even the CONSTITUTION, and then vote true to their WORD?

This is why I have no qualms about being a delegate. I can't wait to actually have a voice, and talk to people, and encourage people to wake up.

It isn't much, I know, it won't change the country..... but it may change the voice my district sends to speak for us.
And if every district in the nation has people like me getting involved, and sending new representatives who are ready to listen to the people into Congress...well, then, now you see, that is how differences are made.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Why I Must Have Books

As a little girl I remember adoring the books in our home. I couldn't wait until I was old enough to understand the gothic love stories by Dorothy Eden (read them when I got old enough), but spent time flipping through old college text books of my mother's, or reading from a yellowed page fairy tale book. Both of my parents tend to hoard books, and it was a pleasure to study strange things like hypnosis, iridology, or pioneer stories in the cold basement of our home.
Babysitting money was saved for trips to the bookstore in the mall, and when that was not an option the Bookmobile came to the rescue of our little rural town on the hill.

I must have been about 14 when I checked out something different from my usual fare of teen romance. It was called Killing Mr. Griffin.

I couldn't put it down. I hurt for the teenagers responsible for a teacher's death....I hated the mean teacher (who was the spitting image of my cruel science teacher at the time)......I was disturbed and moved. It awakened a need for unusual stories in my life, a need I still enjoy satisfying.

Sometimes I read stories to relax and get away. Sometimes to glean a bit of spiritual or political knowledge, but mostly, I read to think and be surprised. I love books that make me cry, books that make fall in love again, and books that I am sure would offend any morally responsible woman.
The last book I read, The Guernesy Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, is a celebration of the written word. It is a novel compiled of letters to and from a variety of characters. I fell in love with all of them, (even the mean snippety neighbor) and found the historical elements the icing on a cake of beautiful people living beautiful lives. It is a simple and understated novel that moved me. While reading I kept thinking back to stories I have read, times books have helped me transcend my lot, books that have changed behavior, and books that have made me a better person.

I am truly sorry when someone tells me "I don't really read much..." it is like a stab to my heart. Like a person who is not really alive.

I buy books. I trade books. I quote lines from books and copy sentences into my book about books. I give away books and judge covers of books. I drive my husband mad with all the books I am so sure we need.

I am not the brightest reader around, that I will admit freely. But I am fierce about the books I love, I dare say, that is just as good as being intelligent.

To see more of my reading obsession check out my Shelfari page. If you are on this site, please make me a friend so I can see what's keeping you up at night.

Swap your unwanted books at paperbackswap.com and keep every books in people's hands!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunscreen Optional

I know that 'sunlight' is practically a dirty word these days.
It is up there somewhere with plastic grocery bags and Sport Utility Vehicles to a lot of super savvy folks who, I am sure, are a lot smarter than a silly girl like me.....BUT.....
I love the sun.

When I travel with my husband you can bet my first questions will be What is the temperature there? and Is there a pool?

I get giddy over packing up to head to the pool for a day. Ipod, magazine, new book and tanning lotion in hand. There is something about the smell of water, wet cement, and coconut tanning oil that makes me feel like a kid again, without a care in the world to trouble me. I have reached the super intelligent conclusion that it is because I worshiped the sun as a little girl.

Warm days were spent at Grandma's pool in West Covina with the palm trees barely fluttering in the breeze. I would lay with my head in my arms and watch my skin get darker, like a badge of honor in relaxation.
I would let my hair dry crazy and curly, fascinated over it's lighter streaks that peeked out. In the pool I was a mermaid or weightless ballerina, and my short curly hair was magically longer and silky. The pool meant playing, thinking, imagining, and escaping.
That's me, in the middle. Oh, how I loved that patchwork swimsuit.

It's funny, because I know as adults we can pine over the 'not so perfect' bits of our childhood, but seeing the smiles in this picture and thinking about days by the pool with my family, usually singing and dancing as well as swimming, just remind me of how wonderful the sunshine filled everyday moments really are...

........which is why I am on the eternal quest for sunshine and a pool.

Sunscreen optional.