Saturday, February 8, 2014

What is Merco Local?

Merco Local is a Utah based business promoter that hooks up local products and services with consumers. You can go to there website  anytime to check out what products they are featuring, look for discounts on local services, or find out how to feature your business through their promotions.

As a local blogger I was given a chance to review a box.  I was excited- not only do I love any kind of parcel waiting for me in the mailbox, but I was interested to see what would be in the box this month.

Here is the February box of the month.  Click here to see each item listed individually, as I haven't used all of them yet.

Let me start with the mineral make-up.  I am a make-up freak. I LOVE it.  I have always been that way.
I was giddy when Santa brought me make-up this year for Christmas, and one of the items was a Bare Essentials kit, which I have always loved.  Well, I had no idea a great Utah based company makes mineral make-up.  NS Minerals makes quality cosmetics you will love, and right now you can get $5.00 off and free shipping.

I received two small samples of blush and a shimmery eye shadow.  I LOVE them.  Really, the eye shadow is beautiful and lasted all day.  I got a lighter color, which I used as a base and highlight, and the blush blended so great- but my favorite thing about it was the luminous quality to it.
 Sorry- crappy picture off my phone in the lighting of my bathroom, but I tried to show you- this has a very pearly quality, which I really love, it looks fresh.  On this day I was wearing the Cherry Rose blush, and that is the one I am planning on getting. I LOVE it. Goodbye to my chalk-like Cover Girl cheekers.

The next product I am checking out is the Drain Wig.  

This darling little flower on a chain sits in your shower or bath drain (at least my bath holds it nicely, which is good because I bath 90% of the time).  The chain has little plastic ties which catch all the hair that would normally clog your drains and pipes. They are affordable, the are easy, and if you have a lot of girls in your house this can be a real lifesaver.  After just two uses I checked mine, and sure enough, it had caught a lot of hair.  They ideally can be kept in for a month or two- or more- and then just pulled up and tossed. For just under 13 bucks you get two drain protectors. You can get 10% off with the merco local coupon code, too. Much cheaper than paying someone else to unclog your drains. 

Ok, twist my arm and make me eat some chocolate.
These are hand dipped, specially selected chocolates by Hatch Family Chocolates.
Divine. All of them. I love the dark chocolate, love the milk chocolate, even the caramel was soft and chewy and melted in my mouth.  The little chocolate guide lets you know what you are getting if you buy an assorted mix.   Can't wait to visit this little shop and hand pick my own favorite flavors. (Truffles, anyone?) Perfect for Valentine's Day.  Click here for the Merco Local feature.

On to the next delicious product. Crio Bru.
I have heard this brewed cocoa was amazing, and I am now a true fan.  This local company travels the world to pick the best cacao beans they can find, and then they brew grind them, just like a coffee bean.  The difference is no caffeine and no jitters, and no processed sugars and fillers found in hot cocoa.  It is rich, it is steamy, it is filling.  This Cavalla flavor is super decadent, with a hint of cinnamon and coconut undertones (sounds weird? It's not. It's just a little sweeter then a dark cocoa). I make mine in a french press, and I do sweeten it.  Maybe even a dash of creamer or almond milk and I am in heaven. 
You can use the link above to go to the Merco page,  click here to go directly to the  Crio webpage, or even snag some on Amazon when you place your next order there. Either is divine.

There are a couple more little products left for me to use and review- 
if you want to get a sampling of Utah's finest you can order a box anytime, or sign up for easy shipping and never miss a box they put together.  Go to Merco Local for more information. Happy local sampling!