Thursday, April 19, 2012

Antique Obsessed

I wish I had enough money to buy every photo at the antique markets, but as it is I must narrow it down to one or two favorites each trip. This one had to be mine- as I could so perfectly relate to it.

it seems some thing never change.... boys will always
be silly boys and moms will try to remain calm and poised in the midst of being amused

Back of the photos( if you have ancestors from Rotterdam and a funny grandpa named Peter maybe you need this photo more than I do....

I love these images.

We also bought the set of springs from an old truck several months ago.
We attatched it to an antigue shabby chippy door (totally funky junk, right?) and
weaved a set of bulbs through it for a light above my bed.

I love the crazy industrial look

I know it's not for everyone out there, but we love the look of it

plus, my boys think it's cool ( even if it is weird) so that's always a bonus.

Be funky.

update :
we have added another strand of bulbs to our light and
a few other touches to our just goes to show creating your dream space is a process
see more about our updated bedroom here.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Rememberance

These cards are circulating around Facebook (like this link for great inspiration on your news feed), courtesy of

I am sharing them here, hoping they bring some reflection to your holiday this week.
There are 10 cards total, and I will add them as they are posted.

May you find many reasons to feel pure joy and deep peace