Monday, September 30, 2013

Tape In Hair Extensions

I confessed months ago to taking the plunge and putting in extensions, full blown extensions, to have long hair.  I had been growing it out, and while I loved my shoulder length bob (some days I still miss it) I really wanted to try long, flowing hair.

Well, my hairdresser talked me into trying TAPE IN EXTENSIONS
How is this even possible? I wasn't sure I believed it until one of the other hairdressers showed me hers.
All smooth (no bumps from the weft) she can wear hats with ease, and best of all-
no tight scalp or pulling head after you get your extensions moved up.

I tried it- and first, let me show a shot of my hair 

I am sort of loving my hair- 
so here is a list of pros and cons (compared to having a weft sewn in) 
after having them long enough to get them moved up.

*You forget they are in- literally. They feel so natural, you can lay anyway, wear any hat, lean back anytime.
Not so with a couple of wefts of hair across your head.

*Hair style time is much quicker.  There is not  one thick mass of hair, so it doesn't take as long to dry.

*It is much quicker to get them put in- and much less painful.  

*No discomfort time waiting for them to 'loosen' and grow out a day or two, these feel great the minute they are put in

*I feel they look more natural when styled

They look like this (you kind of have to look close)

Can you see the strip of hair inserted (about an inch and a half or so) at my temple?
(please ignore gray roots that are also a bit frizzy)

I have about 10-12 of these all around my head, so the extensions sit more like clip ins, if you have ever used those.

*They are small and you do forget where they are- which means if you're not careful you could snag them, so be vigilant about using the right brush!

*They take a little longer to remove from the hair for the process of being moved up, and come out sticky.  Since I sort of help my hairdresser my hands get sticky as I peel off the old adhesive and apply a new bit of tape.

*You may have to "tuck" them in when you pull your hair up- just make sure they are covered by your own hair and not showing

*They can be more expensive. I use the BABE brand, and they are considerably more than my other extensions, but the hair is LOVELY and so soft. I really love it

That's about it for the cons- not a lot of bad to say.  I notice my hair grow out faster, but they are so soft and comfortable, I honestly forget I have extensions in at all.

Anyway, my last post generated a lot of traffic, and I have received a ton of emails with questions about my hair (why is it nobody wants to talk about their hair extensions???) so I wanted to post an update, and maybe if you were one of the people afraid of having a big piece sewn in, you might like this new alternative.

Not to mention- it is fall (yay!) so bring on the beanies! <3 br="" nbsp="">
I have received a lot of emails and questions about if these pulled my hair out. I never had a problem with that.  My hairdresser used an adhesive release that made most of the tape pieces work out. Some took a little effort, but my hair did not break and it always felt fine.  After 18 months I have gone back to my natural hair, mostly for simplicity and time.  You can see in this post how it looks after that year and half, of which I pulled out my extensions to move them up every 5 weeks. It did not damage my hair at all, in fact, I felt like my hair grew better because of the strength and volume the extensions added.

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Grab a beanie and zip up your boots...and enjoy the fall.