Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The great ideas from kids

One fabulous thing about being a parent is all the SUPER DOOPER ideas your kids have. I mean, just the other day I walked into my living room and there it was...the perfect ornament on my tree!
A PAPER AIRPLANE.....now why do I even spend money on decorations when I could just let my kids sit around and throw planes into my tree. They are going to do it anyway!

And while I am on the subject....why didn't I think of this great task when I asked my son to add "buying ice-melt" to my to do list

I mean really, giving $500 to my son sounds like an item that should be moved to the TIPPITY TOP of my priority list.

And for anyone who knows me well, you know what a struggle the LAUNDRY has always been. It just doesn't matter what I tell myself, keeping up with this task is a deed that haunts me. My sister over at Little White Attic gave me a handy list that tells the kids what you will be washing the next day, and then they just throw it in a basket and you start it in the morning. It is posted several places in our home:

However, since I have been slacking a little lately, well, not just a little, but a lot,I did it GREAT for a months or two, and now I am hit and miss (sorry, Lynnae! I am trying!), but not without a reminder of what a great idea it is.......

and yes, that is one of my son's GREAT reminder to me...."We need to start doing this again"...
really ....

Aren't kids great? I would have NEVER thought of that!

Monday, December 14, 2009

RamSam's Favorite things ~ 2009 Edition

Here it is, wait no more. The official list of my favorite completely random things, for your pondering and envy. There is still time to add at least one of these things to your list.

The Clavinova. From "Heart and Soul" with the kids to holiday songs with the family, we have only owned this baby a few months and it has brought me intense amounts of joy. Weird, because it wakes me up early and bothers my husband while he watches TV, but that is what the VOLUME CONTROL is for. If you love piano music and don't have a piano put it off no longer. Sheer, utter musical joy awaits you. Save your dollars and become a musical home.

Disclaimer- that is not me.
But I LOVE my ROXY flap pocket jeans. I have avoided ever putting any extra baggage on my toosh, as it has plenty of it's own, but these jeans sit in just the right place (wear a LONG shirt with them) and the pockets are like magic for my behind. I got a darker wash, and I love the way they look. Great for tucking in your winter boots or with a pair of converse and a t-shirt. Trust me on these!

Don't you love it when your hair smells delicious and clean all day long? (Or 2 days) This AVON shampoo has never failed me. After running out of my expensive stuff I bought this again, remembering I once loved it. One washing reminded me why. It is the BEST. I love the way my hair styles and love the way it smells. I hide it in the cupboard when I am done so my kids can't use it all up. It's the greatest stuff you will get for the price. Call your AVON rep today.

My Kenmore Progressive vacuum of 10 years finally died. My husband insisted on getting a GOOD one to replace it, and this is what we ended up with, A Dyson Animal. Although I don't believe in housecleaning items as gifts, this is like a Christmas treat for me. This thing gets it ALL up, and having just vacuumed before getting this and bringing it home I was kind of grossed out by what it still picked up. The clear tank is fascinating to watch fill, raising competitions over whose room has the most dust bunnies. Pricey, but already amazing and entertaining my family way more than a vacuum should.

Here is my nod to 7 Gypsies scrapbook supplies. (This photo from the letteredcottage.blogspot.com). I used to spend hours scrapping, eager to record my life. That has slowed down a lot, but now is more enjoyable. The creation phase is just as important as the production phase, and I love working on scrapbooks again. The cool ephemera and books and stickers...there is too much to mention. Plus, if you find a store cool enough to carry 7 Gypsies chances are they will have a lot of other cool stuff, too.

Lastly is the longest book I have ever read. (Wait, how many pages are in Anna Karenina?)
Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Now, I read 25 books this year (kept a list and checked it twice) but convinced my book club to tackle this book as a group, and loved it more than the first time I read it. A great story with lots of political statements that will leave you thinking, discussing, and asking all sorts of questions. I was politically dead before the first time I read this. Now there is no turning back. I recommend it to everyone, and yes...I know it's long. Quit whining. Read 100 pages a month and you will be done by next year at this time.

There you go- pick an expensive thing or a cheap thing from my list and get going. It took me all year to find these excellent finds for you!

Can't wait to see what we discover next year!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Peek inside my Holiday

I have a special guest that will meet you at my front door- as I have moved the wreath this year to make Frosty the official holiday greeter.

Here is where we'll gather to sing, or just sit and work our way through a Christmas song or two.......

Grab a book for a story, a hat for festivity, and a quilt...let's cuddle on the couch....

My tree topper is less flashy and more simple, and that is how I like her she pays tribute to my angel covered tree

Santa is visiting every room...beneath the tree and on the shelf
And finally, this little family found it's way to my home last year for Christmas, and I have had people come to my door asking where I found it (Walmart) because they love it so much. I must put it out first, just as my statement..... we believe.

There are more homes to see and more holiday spirit to be found. Just click on the Virtual Home for the Holidays Tour picture on my sidebar.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

City Cutbacks in Hard Times

I know we have it rough in some cities. I get it.

But really, does that explain the need to cause panic and slam on your brakes when you see this
only to find it was for nothing?

I know you don't want a ticket, and I don't either. So take a closer look.....

Yes, that is right, that is NOT a real cop, but a beautiful mannequin.
What city needs mannequins to be their cops? (I won't tell you, but we passed 3 of them, in separate cities, on our last little road trip) And further more, why would you choose a CHICK mannequin fully made up?

And lest you think this gives you free reign to drive like an Andretti boy, think again.
Speckled throughout Arizona state are photo opportunities just waiting for you to speed, which we did. (Or, my husband did) and we were caught.....

I am so sad they blurred out my face, I bet I looked hot that day.

My husband always thinks he can safely drive over the speed limit just a bit and be safe, but this camera proved us wrong. $180 later I think our fees are paid, but my advice to you is SLOW DOWN (because I also got a ticket this year, but mine was from a good old fashioned REAL man-cop, apparently a rare find nowadays.)

The nice thing about the mannequins is that they never once gave us a ticket.

However I can say this: whatever form it comes in, paying for speeding just kind of bites.