Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mommy Diaries

It is the eternal debate as a mom; do I sign my kids up for sports or let then relax and take it easy, and simplify my life? There are pros and cons to both sides of the debate, but for me, I knew I had done right by signing Masty G up for basketball when I went in his room to put away clothes and saw this set out on his dresser (set out on Tuesday- game day is Saturday)

I thought it was so incredibly cute of him to set everything out all nice and neat like, especially the shoes which were a new purchase for the sport. He loves it. He smiles and nods at his adoring fan (me) as he runs his little body up and down the court. I wish I could do the wave for him.

Why didn't anyone warn me of the dress code? This is not like Soccer where parents show up in sweats and flip flops. These moms are DECKED out in there MEK jeans and D&G handbags.....I feel the need to dress equal to a dinner date with my hubby. Ugh. Saturdays are for scrounginess, people!!!!

One pleasant surprise was running in to my bloggy/real life friend Marie. Her little boy and mine apparently share not only their names (yes...first and middle, same names....long story), but their passion for all things basketball.
I declared "This is a bloggy moment if ever I saw one!" as I whipped out my camera phone on our way to the car.

If we look relaxed and at ease (in spite of the cold) that is because our boys are tossing a basketball around, rather than another boy. We discussed the horrors of wrestling (my middle child favors this sport) with its singlets and face-sitting-on techniques. We applauded our son's baskets with promises of cash. (My idea).

Lastly- one quick reminder of why I love snowy/wintry days. Hats and braids.

ahhhhh. You would never know what my hair really looks like or if I am on day two or three of that straightening. I love snow beanies. Too bad I snag them at Wal-mart off the 88 cent rack, instead of the mall. Remind me to get a nice one before the next basketball game.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blast from the Past

All right, then Brittany. I'll match your puffy sleeves and equally puffy bangs, and raise them to a pair of jeans with the front panel a different color than the back. (look close)

Don't forget the short 'new wave' hair a la Pat Benatar style, and if you are especially hip you throw on a super thin tie and man's styled shirt. Extra points for finding someone with bandanas tied around his legs....BOTH LEGS! Way to go, big brother!

In case you didn't figure it out yet, I am the second from the left. On my right is my sister from Someday I will Soar and on my left is my big sister/roommate/ bunk-bed sharing sis Lynnae from Little White Attic.

Smart alec comments and condolences now being accepted below.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Latest Pages

Well, seeing as how I am back to counting calories, I feel starving, I added a power pump class to my week and haven't lost an ounce, I am not in the mood to write anything funny or nice. (Plus no caffeine lately! Really? Body, are you sure?)

I am going to have to celebrate something different. I haven't had time to watch LOST yet (just need to get the kids out the door and plop down with blankies) so we are on to my next source of comfort. My pages.

I have really been working to complete the adorable Lisa Bearnson book I have, and adding these few pages has been an acoomplishment for me. Her book is so easy, with pieces included and instructions spelled out, so smothering it with more stuff is just the icing on the cake for my creative impulses.

The LOVE page ......

And the feeling pages....(not journaled yet- to spare you the curiousity and embarassment of reading my silly fears temper pushers)

Now, doesn't that take some of the sting out of this mornings weigh in?

Actually, NO, it doesn't. But I hope you enjoy them anyway.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History in the making....

and no, I am not talking about the new president putting in a fresh stick of gum as he rolls past in his limo.

I am talking about American Idol. Long before it was even a twinkle in Simon's eye families like mine gathred around their fuzzy picture, rabbit ear supported ( or metal hanger at times)television for Star Search.

So..... imagine my shock when a little fedora wearing, striped shirt tune toting dude walks in to sing his orginal version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".

Was I the only one at home having flashbacks of the top of the lung belting, jacket grabbing, mullet loving, Converse sporting, ladies swooning (which team does swing for) Sam Harris?

We had the cassette tape (yes, it was that long ago) and I think we literally wore it out.
If you have forgotten (or didn't know in the first place) then here you go.
If you are short on time, skip to the last 60 seconds.


What do you think?

More deep thoughts...

Just when I am done pondering coincidences (read a story in Friend for family home evening and it was on the exact subject....weird, I hadn't read it before I read it to the kids) and thinking deeply about Atlas Shrugged.......I find myself watching this, yes that's right, True Beauty.....and getting completely sucked in!

I vowed that I would pass on this little tidbit of media hype....but last week was flipping through my PEOPLE and turned this on in the background. Seeing Ashley get kicked off felt like healing to my vulnerable teenage self. I can't say why....

Why is it so satisfying to see these people have to watch their mean moments on a TV before they go? They had no idea their threats, cussing, and burps were even being filmed. I am not sure.....but I kind of liked it. Please don't tell anyone.

Next time you see me I will be posting about the deep and wonderful things in life. But True Beauty.....that is just guilty pleasure viewing at it's finest!

Now if we can see BOB have another meltdown on Biggest Loser my day will be complete! Bliss!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Is it just a coincidence?

Do things ever happen that you this just by chance? Or do you see little things like this as a tender mercy...... a reminder that we have a plan.........a whisper of something divine.

For instance-

My son told me he wanted a new picture of Christ. He wants the new one that has Christ surrounded by a flock of white sheep, yet in His arms He is cradling a black one. He insists he needs this picture in his room. I am in the car running errands a few days later, and decide to turn the Glenn Beck show on. He begins to talk about a painting he loves, and describes the same one my son did. He tells an AMAZING story about how he was anonymously sent this painting. I won't retell it here, because it was so personal and spiritual,and a little long, but suffice it to say I was bawling in the car. I needed his message that day- if you heard it, you know what that message was, if you didn't, I will search for a link to the transcript. It was amazing.
Was it by chance I heard this and it touched me so deeply? Was it by chance my son was drawn to the same painting?

I had 2 clients come in last week who started to talk about budgeting and finances, and the new goals they have set. You all know I am a Dave Ramsey freak, as his motto is even my blog title, but I have needed a shot in the arm lately. I feel like I will NEVER get the final payment finished off (stupid 2nd freaking mortgage! what was I thinking?) and have felt my spirits getting weak. These clients gave me that boost- that reminder, that little nudge- to keep on going. It is crazy to think something this powerful comes easy. I loved hearing where they are at and just found it funny that with all the people I see week in and week out, they came at this time. They are both recent followers of Dave Ramsey.
Did they both come in last week by chance?

I was just drifting the aisles of the store wanting something yummy. I have a lifelong devotion for an occasional Alligator Jaw. (I didn't take a picture and if you search all you get is gross real alligator mouths on your screen so forget it) I couldn't believe it- the bakery department had one. Whopper eyes, cherry nose, and everything. I snagged that baby and enjoyed it while watching Barrett Jackson auctions with my hubby. You need something like that to get through 4 days of auctions, anyway. But is it just me- or is life full of cool things like this happening?

Well- just kidding about the Alligator Jaw, it was delicious and all, but I didn't consider it divine intervention. The other things...well....they were cool for me. Why not give a little credit?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Old books and Memories

I am way too addicted to books. Even books I realistically won't read cause me pain to part with. I try to purge the shelves every once in awhile, but even when I do I just re-fill it again. Here is what is causing me stress about books today......while at Sam's Club I nabbed a copy of "People of the Book" by Geraldine Brooks- a book club read later this year and on my wish list since the month it was released. I actually ripped out a review from the newspaper while on vacation over a year ago and hung on to it in hopes of getting it someday.

SO yea, I got it, but now today I can't find it. What is up with that? Where is the one book you are looking for when you have hundreds of books stacked around you? I am sure I 'just set it' somewhere while unpacking my van, but where that place is I have no idea. (Note to self: do not unload the car and talk on the phone at the same time. I always lose things this way)

While letting of go of some old books today at the paperback trade store I came home with 4 new (but old) ones. ( The 6th Lamentation, Getting to Yes, The Widow of the South, The Dive form Clausen's Pier). Aside from the first book listed, all of these have graced my wish list for some time now. That is why I love used book stores. That little swap cost me $2.78.

While there I saw this and was instantly filled with a rush of memories.

Oh, how these teen romance novels spiced up my dreary life so many years ago! I would save my babysitting money and rush to the mall to snatch up a few of these little books. On a lucky day I could find one at the Bookmobile to check out and relish for a month, and save my money for Sweet Valley High instead. I remember this exact book , though, and seeing it today made my heart skip a beat. (No, I didn't buy it. I learned my lesson with buying a slew of Paul Zindel books that have gone sadly untouched)

Either way you slice it, I have pretty much always been a bibliophile. Just last night I had to force my self to shut the creepy cover of "A Good and Happy Child" by Justin Evans. You kind of have to do that when you start seeing faces in the window, and I really needed sleep. But it is sitting right here and very eerily calling my name.....

I can blog later

Sunday, January 11, 2009

If you need to learn how to drive in the snow

Please contact my hunky husband. And I am not kidding on this. It is not snowy today (sad) but when it is, we sit with the lights out and peer out the windows at all the people who do NOT know how to drive in the snow. He can call play-by-play what move they are going to make and where they will slide as they do it, kind of like PSYCH but he never says he's "vibing" (oh how I wish he would say that!)

here is a little clandestine photo taken at night..... (I know it isn;t exciting, but it is history...)

You are seeing one car's tail lights as he has flipped completely around and is in the ditch, another car trying to muster the traction to get down the hill (turns out to be car of cheerleaders that had the e-brake on, whom my hubby coached to succesfully take off , and turn the right way to go down th hill), and a few men who jumped out of cars to help the sliding vehicles- one poor man biffed it on the ice. Ouch, I hope he didin't hit his head.

Let me just say this- if you can feel you are NOT gaining traction up the hill, simply back up slowly to a point where you can turn around. I bet there is another road that can get you eventually to the same place without the slippage. DO NOT just keep trying the same slick spot over and magically gets MORE SLIPPERY!

Also, take off your e-brake, and if you are making a turn while going DOWNHILL test your brakes before the corner. If they aren't grabbing, just slowly downshift and turn at a better plowed/salted/sanded intersection. Trust me on this.

Is it evil to say this is so much fun to watch? Oh well.

I am sorry that I find all those incapable drivers kind of entertaining, but I have been known to heat up a mug of cocoa and even pop popcorn during a good storm. Let's just hope YOU are not my next great show!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Printed Blog (and Courtney Cox)

You know that feeling of excitement you feel when you drive up to your house and there is a package waiting for you? Well yesterday I felt it 3 fold.....because my hubby ordered us some new storage cabinets to help with our new year organizing and they filled my whole porch, my son was waiting for his new DS, which sat perched atop the dresser boxes, and dangling form the mailbox was a box for me!

It was my blog! I had a client coming, but I couldn't help myself, I had to rip into my box and see how my book turned out.

As you can see, it has my bloggy dinner pic on the front, and on the back is a lighthouse picture we took on our vacation. You get to choose what pictures go there and the cover color. I am thrilled with the look of the book and impressed by it's sturdiness (especially for being cheap and ordering the soft cover!).

The pages are nice and thick and overall I am loving the way they turned out. I sat flipping through it yesterday and caught myself reading things I had forgot I even had written. The comments, however, did not print. I am not sure if there was an option for comments and in my hasty order I shut them off, or if the removal of comments was part of the reason why this book had dropped in price, but either way I am okay with it this time.

A couple things to note- the pics I swiped off the web (especially Google images) did not print very well. They look a little 'pixle-y' and grainy. My personal uploaded photos look fabulous. Another little surprise was at the bottom of each comment was a one line blurb saying "this site provided by MYFITNESSPAL.COM" which is weird because this summer I logged all my calories and exercise On that site. I don't know why it is there, but it is. Just consider yourself warned. Once again, I got this from if anyone else is considering it.

Overall the book was about $35.00, and that included shipping, so to have it here, printed up, the past year of my life, and not ever have to worry about all my things online disappearing, is a very good feeling. I feel the weight of neglecting my journal the past years suddenly lifting..... ahhhhh...much better now.

QUICKLY on another note I must say this....Courtney Cox's teeth in "Bedtime Stories" made me crazy! Did she glue Chiklets on the front of her mouth? Did she insert all the fat from her hips into her lips? And why, oh why, didn't she take speech therapy before her shoots so she could talk without a lisp? I don't know what is going on with this past Friend, but her performance in this movie was completely overshadowed by her mouth makeover. She should have left it alone!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Marie Wanna Be

I was all excited to stay in my pajamas today and scrap, scrap, scrap! My scanner is giving me troubles so I decided to call HP first...big mistake. After spending ONE HOUR with someone using strange terms like "please let me rectify....." with a thick Indian accent, and getting NOWHERE (except my computer kind of crashed after and is still 'fixing itself' online) I was drained of all creative spirit.

I still am suffering from that crazy mood altering headache, which I am starting to suspect may be from a nasty fall on the ice on Saturday (I hit my head very hard and slipped under my van while trying to climb in) because my head has hurt ever since. Booooo.

Anywhoooo.... I did manage to steady myself enough to enjoy making a few pages. I will start with my LEAST favorite- I was losing brain cells fast and really wanted to use photos that I haven't already scrapbooked in some way. I got the coolest "About Me" album by Lisa Bearnson from Ashley B, but it has sat untouched because of my fear of ruining it once I got started. As I posted last time, Marie's pages started to melt the icy wall of fear around my heart. Here is the page...

Although it is a bit chaotic, it reflects my moods and some of feelings of motherhood that I have never put in another scrapbook, so I am invested in this already. I love the idea of "SMILE", "SOOTHE" and "SLEEP" scribbled on each picture. These are necessities for every mom. I hate my handwriting, but never journal because of it, and since this is for me I decided to just Get Over It.

The next pages were my first ones....and although the kit comes with all you need to make the perfect page, adding what I call 'the Marie touch' made me fall in love with these pages, and I can't wait to do more!

I was a stapling, paper ripping, tab making, layering fool! And while this may look very easy to some, I fret over pages for no apparent reason, and am constantly frustrated that they don't reflect 'me'. I also owe major thanks to my Mr. Sammy, because he actually had the energy to empty out our extra (junk) room and throw away TONS of stuff during the holiday break. This cleared enough space for me to set up a table and spread out my things, then shut the door and leave it all waiting for next time. Ahhhhhh. That's true love.

Monday, January 5, 2009

This year I want to....

Be inspired.
By little things, big things, beautiful things and simple things.
I had told my sister on Facebook just a few days ago...I really want to surround myself with things I love. I don't have the spacious awesome home, but when I see things that reflect me I feel so happy.... imagine my soul when my Country Home came today and the cover proclaims ;

"Live with what you LOVE- and get rid of the rest"

(I really tried to scan it for you because the cover is so to die for, but my scanner doesn't like me today)

I took that cover headline as a sign. This is a year for me to do it. Here are some things in the meantime to peek at for inspiration....

Marie's cute pages......even a non-scrapper must agree, these things are so pretty, they will surely be fought over by the generations that follow.

Also, I couldn't help but drool over this amazing piece (little cell phone pic, so excuse the quality) at the art museum.....

From what I can gather by my notes I scribbled and just found in the bottom of my purse, this is by Heather Barron...and I am getting all wishy wanty over here pics for sale here.

Go look...maybe they will touch you in some way, too.

As it is I am going to ponder what to do with my new AMAZING scrapbook embellishments from Ashley (my hubby said I look like a little girl on Christmas morning laying out her doll cute is that! I was studying them on the floor) and I am vowing to create things this year, because it really does my heart good.

Am I brave enough to take a class? Maybe......we'll see. Until then relish in my Christmas past....

Plus a little picture I promised long ago of the cakes from the Mona Lisa Cafe'
(yes...they were as good as they look...even better!)

but wait...

there is so much more...

And heck, inspiration is where you find it, right?

So why not throw in this...

What could be better than a picture of your son with a freaky make-up clear mask on?

As for heart wants to write but my head hurts like mo-fro, (caffeine withdrawls or PMS? Who know? Who cares?) so I am off to snuggle on the couch.

Yay. More football. I am sure it will make all this splitting pain go away.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Easy Breezy Beautiful 2008

This will be by far the most self indulgent post I have yet to type. I can't help myself, and after flipping through the pages of my blog book preview, I am going to take the time to really post about my life.

Last year may have possibly been one of the best years ever. After years of mocking my sisters (and other people) who run, I gave it a shot. It was hard, it hurt, it made me tired....but I got better.

This picture was taken on Thanksgiving morning, when my family decided to run in the races- the fact that 2 of my kids signed up made me very proud- feeling like a bit of fitness is seeping into our lives. Let me explain one other thing- by nature I am extremely competitive. To run with my sisters and only keep up with them when they are pushing strollers with TWO kids up a hill goes against everything I am. If I can not win at something, I refuse to participate. This hobby has forced me to relax, enjoy the process, and celebrate my own milestones. Almost sounds like maturity.

My family brought me so much joy this year I could burst. My boys are growing up, and in spite of my motherly anxiety and outbursts they have sweet moments of tenderness and responsibility that amaze me. This year we had a baptism and I also got to enjoy the warmth of having a son really utilize his priesthood and become a servant to others. These are moments that words will just ruin, so I won't even try.
Are they perfect- well, if you have been following my blog you know that is a big fat NO- but it gives me so much happiness and contentment to wrap my arms around them every night and kiss them, hug them, squeeze them, and tell them I love them. Motherhood is truly so satisfying for me I am overwhelmed by humility to live it daily. (Except for the days when I hide in my bedroom and watch Lifetime.) But most of the time I am happy to report I appreciate what I have with them.

My marriage has done a complete turn around. Most of you who know me in real life may assume that my marriage has always been just right. Most of the time, it has been. But we have had a year or two here and there of pain and heartache, and struggles ( of which I am willing to take the blame) and stupidity. We made it through them, God willing.I read the Dr. Laura book, and I swear to you, it has revitalized my love and passion for marriage more than any other single thing I have ever done. My hubby has even made comments that both surprise me and make my day- he appreciates that I appreciate. And with all the thugs in this world why shouldn't I? He loves me, supports me, whisks me around the world, can be incredibly romantic, and more than anything else- he just GETS ME. I would not be the person I am without him, and I am so in love with him!

I also hit a wall in my calling. Sundays were spent anxious and nervous, the week was long and I would worry. I spent and afternoon crying to the Bishop. "I am not the one for this job"......but somewhere between then and now someone else has taken over the reigns and I am not driving this cart anymore..... it has been an amazing experience (I highly recommend it) and I can be happy again with the children I work with.

I did laundry without complaining.........

I planned meals a week at a time (on good weeks) ......

I got fired up over politics and wrote letters to leaders.....

I have traveled,I have paid off debts and bought new things with cash, I have ran in the rain, I have sang with the Shape Note Singers, I have read 47 books, I have tried to keep my sink clean, I have napped with a soft fuzzy eye mask on, I worked and been given GREAT tips, I have seen family, had long talks, downloaded crazy music and danced around my house, ate FABULOUS cake and meatloaf and sea food, I have hiked the hills in Japan,I have talked to Dave Ramsey, I have walked through the Scared Grove, I have ridden The Mummy 4 times in a row, I have boogie boarded and smelled the beach, hosted a party, learned how to text, hosted book club, volunteered at school, spent a week with sisters shopping and crafting, fought for my child's rights, witnessed stitches and teeth pullings and ortho adjustments, learned how to make charms, sewn an apron, made a fool of myself and said things that I shouldn't have......

I didn't lose all the weight I would like to, or win a jackpot of money, or dirve a fancy car, or move into a new fancy house.....but it is so strange how those things are mattering less to me as they years sneak up on me......

I can't even come close to finishing the reasons why this year has been so wonderful to me, but if I could just ask for the gift of more years like this one....or at least the wisdom to enjoy what the year deals me, I will continue to still consider myself

"Better Than I Deserve".

Friday, January 2, 2009

The Truth about Diet Coke

I know, I know, I just like...BARELY posted, but you see I have to let you in on a little secret.

You know I am on the quest to enjoy the addiciton of my past in moderation only(what does that mean, anyway?).

How I miss that caffeine. I really do. And just so you know.......

this is not as good as the original.

Just so you know.

Battle of the Blog

I have just a bit over a year of my life logged in blog land, and at the end of the year, as I was looking back, I realized how satisfying the whole process is for me. I hear this both on blogs and from friends, "What do I want my blog to be?" Meaning, is this a place to be funny and see if I can conjure up over a hundred comments?
Is this a place to bare my soul and gain sympathy and friends?
Is this a place to brag about my life and it's wonderful moments?
A place to bear my testimony?
What is this blog to me?

I found that my blog was a little bit of all of the above. I have posts that make me cry to read them, posts that I think are funny and remind me of funny times, and some that are close to my heart.

I have made online Friends and reconnected with old friends, stayed close to family, and at the same time journaled my thoughts. That is why I found an online site called (my hyperlinks are if-fy. Just type it in yourself) that is publishing my entire blog for about 35 bucks. Please note, the first time I uploaded my blog it was about $100 to print, but I got an e-mail at the end of the year advertising a special, so now it is so much cheaper, and I don't want to print up my pages by hand. Ugh) I haven't received it yet, but when I do I will let you all know how I like it. I intend to shelf it somewhere between the journals of my past and the scrapbooks, and perhaps one day my children or their children will stumble across it and find something in there that makes them laugh or touches their hearts, too.

Here's to the world of blogging- and the end of my little holiday vacation! I hope you all had a WONDEFUL holiday and wish you the best in the new year.