Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Tools of Vanity

I wanted to call this my Favorite Oprah, you know, but I was afraid that you might think I was giving things away. I'm not. We are on a budget. BUT if you want to know my favorite tools of my vain self, here they are. Enjoy.

This brush was bought on a whim, because I left my trusty wooden round brush of 8 years home on vacation. I needed something cheap and quick. I had no idea what a great brush I was getting. It has a cool squishy gel handle that is super easy to twirl and grip (even if it does snag a hair) but stays cool. The metal center gets HOT and now my hair dries in 5 minutes or less- as opposed to 10-15 with my old brush. I am in LOVE with this brush, and it was around 5 bucks. (Great stocking stuffer for yourself)

Now my silly secret. Avon's ANEW products ROCK my world. I have used one form or another of this stuff for over 10 years now, and my skin cries when I run out. I have tried others, thinking there MUST be something better out there, but even Clarins and Lancome , or Oil of Olay for bargain shoppers, doesn't do the trick. I break out like a teen.....this feels great, smells great, and goes on sale often enough to let me afford it. If your skin is thirsty, feed it this.

Again, I bought this because it was a deal (even had a coupon), and it is the BEST! My sister gave me a Lancome bag with their Defencils mascara in it (top selling mascara in the world), and I think this is so much better. I wish I could marry this, because a nice thick dark mascara is a necessity in my vain shallow world. Since daily application of false eyelashes is totally out, I need lushy mascara. This stuff does not disappoint.

These shirts have me running to Seagull Book to find the latest color. They are long enough to cover your not-so-high in the back jeans. The sleeve is not so short that people can see deodorant flakes and armpit stubble, or my less than perfect arms giggling around, and the neckline is perfect under dresses and jackets. They look great alone- especially with a chunky necklace (like the one I won from Jillene) or scarf. I have 4 of these, and want more. Is that okay?

Last, but not least.......

This is essential. Bags under eyes and fatigued induced crankiness are not becoming. Again, I have used Unisom, Advil PM, and even Excedrin PM. I hate getting in bed tired but feeling back aches or headaches and not being able to sleep. ONE tablet and you are resting in minutes, and by the time morning rolls around you are really feeling good. The best part is after I wake up and get going I feel completely normal (unlike Unisom, where I am groggy for hours.)

I hope you enjoy my favorite things of the year. I had a few more, but this is so long- I will save them for another day. In another lifetime (if I believed in those) I am sure I was a panel member for Allure or Marie Claire. Thanks to this blog, I can enjoy my own reviews NOW.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Even if you didn't miss me.....

......I surely missed my own musings about the random ordinarnary-ness that is MY LIFE. I even SEWED an apron (miracles never cease) during my holiday of thanks.

But guess what..... Santa visited me a little early, and so I now have a computer tower that actually works.
I *heart* Santa so much. He is such a nice guy, and usually a jolly fellow....and I tossed and turned with excitement all morning (yes, a Saturday morning on a holiday weekend) and finally got up at 7:00 a.m. to play with my new toy.

Thanks Santa!

And to the all the rest of you- of course my life has been fabulously normal, but still satisfying none the less. You will hear all about it soon! Please don't be sad if I can not catch up on your past posts. I will do the best I can.

If you have anything that you are sure would make me laugh, get jealous, or feel better about myself (this means you have are admitting stupidity), please feel free to include it in your comment. I have missed all of the above.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Power of the Osmond's

So here we are, me trying to sneak in a bit of blogging while the kids are getting ready for school. They are bickering.

"You are uglier"

"no, you are."

"Hey , I just looked at your face, and I know the monkey that wants his butt back."

They both laugh.......

I am not laughing. (Suddenly I realize the wisdom in my parents banning of the word 'butt').

Then the football stealing begins..... with the "give me that it's MINE!" and laughing as one runs from room to room. My pleas are ignored. SO are my threats of grounding, no playing, money minused off their chore charts.

What's a mom to do? What every parent does this time of year.....switch on the Christmas music. HOORAY it's the Osmond's singing "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas". Footballs are returned, jackets are pulled on, and voices begin singing. It's a Christmas Miracle.
I smile and remind them.... "Santa is watching you."

I love Christmas music. Too bad my hubby is such a SCROOGE he won't let me put up the tree until after Thanksgiving. *sniff sniff*
If you own the Osmond album you know exactly what I am talking about.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I hate to say I told you so


An e-mail from a relative today really got me thinking. He was venting about his financial struggles and the frustration he is feeling. He even sent a letter to the President saying, "Where is the help for the little guy?"

While I understand what it is to struggle, and I hate to see anyone suffer, I am so grateful for the goal me and my hubby-sammy made almost two years ago to BE WEIRD and start paying off our debts. The recent financial pain has not hurt us as bad, and we have been able to remain calm in crazy times, and hopefully we have taught our kids who to do so also.

We have sacrificed (hello cruise I missed!) but also been blessed (unexpected trips, anyone?) and I have not regretted ONE DAY of putting my extra money towards what matters...the future.

What is so great about having something now? The only things I need now are my family, my health, and my ability to believe. I hate to sound all sappy and preachy, but please....if you know are digging yourself deeper, just stop. I is easier than you think.

this picture was taken the day we gave back our Honda Pilot and quit making a car payment. Man, I love that extra cash flow each month!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I never woulda thunk it...

That a Whopper with Cheese (yes I have ordered that before) has 220 more calories and 18 more grams of fat than a Big Mac. Huh?
I also didn't know that Burger King has the worst mayo of any food chain, and that Chick Fil-A is the overall best place to grab a bite at in the mall. Orange Julius???? Never again! Plus I will never again sneak a bite of that Awesome Blossom at Chili's. No No!
I was Christmas shopping yesterday (I even wrapped a present... I am so excited.... I had on the Christmas music and was dancing around my house.....but don't tell anyone I am just like a big old elf in disguise) and passed this, and I had heard it was a cool book. After peeking at it I could not put it down. So I will be the lady in the mall/grocery aisle/parking lot who is crazily referring to her eating book before she orders.
Be patient with me. Plus, how can a guy who even kind of likes Diet Coke be bad? I am just saying, you guys........

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Door Busters

As you know, I am a coupon clipper, and Sunday night is my night to gently browse the ads in search of the next great sale item. Ummmm, FOUND IT! K-Mart (don't dis, ya'll, once in a while you can find something there!) a super cool MP3 (on Hammy's little Christmas list) with TOUCH SCREEN- SLASHED from $99 to $49.

This was the exclusive Black Friday prices BEFORE Black Friday. Yippee! I got some cash burning a hole in my pocket for Christmas, but being the GOOD LITTLE ANGEL that I am I decide to go on Monday. (This is a 3 day sale starting Sunday).

Monday I RUSH down there...... I am so on top of this, you know...and NOTHING. The shelf is empty. I ask if they have brought them out yet..... a woman who looked like she was struggling, and also avoiding eye contact, makes a phone call or two and tells me there are no more. She sold the last ones a bit ago....and NO RAIN CHECKS on exclusive sales items.

"How many did you have? Didn't this sale start yesterday?" SHe answers....."Well, I think on this we got TWELVE" (This she says like 12 is the best number ever and I am crazy for not getting there fast enough.)

Wait a sec...... TWELVE for an entire 3 day sale that was listed in the paper, the SUNDAY paper sent to thousands of Utah homes, and this being the only K-Mart in some 40 mile radius? Really ?

That means I had as many kids in my family than you have of MP3 players. I get the same amount of donuts as you stock for a big sale..... I see the same amount of roses as you buy to sell hundreds of customers....that just kind of sucks.

SOOOO this is my official K-MART IS STUPID post. I know, I know, you guys already knew that, but I guess my faith in the humanity of the retail world is just a bit naive. NO MORE! I doubt every ad I see from now on.

(ps, it took me like 20 minutes to write this. I miss my computer. Wahhhhhhhhhh!)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Hey, girl....You just won!

Yes, I know I am a day late on this, but I am using my husbands mini-tough rhino lined laptop designed for outdoor jobs and it is not so easy......PLUS totally had the primary program today, complete with all the unessecary breakdowns that comes with, so just cut me a little slack\!

Anywho, I just wrote up all the names (quite a few of you had 3 entries, and I thank you for the shout outs) and put them in a big old bowl....and out I pulled..... BRITTANY. You won fair and square, well, maybe not so fair to those who entered 3 times, but it was the one that magically stuck to my fingertips. Please contact me thorugh my profile e-mail and send me your address and I will get this baby in the mail.
......and yes, you can totally tell people YOU made it if you want, unless, of course, ou are embarassed.....then just say you found it in the garbage. But you better not re-gift it to another blogger or we will ALL know where it came from.

For everyone else I just gotta say it may have not been fun for you, but it was fun for me.I will do it again soon.

BIG NEWS- we have two new kittens to replace the last batch that ran away and left us. My kids want to chain these to the ground, so they can't ever leave.....I am not really an animal person, but when your kids respond like mine do you just gotta suck it up and deal. It literally changes our I sacrifice. But I won't let them do the chain thing, because I am almost sure somebody on here would call ths A S P C A on me, and that doesn't sound very fun (exciting, but not fun).

Sorry to say you may not see much of you....I miss my blogging friends. More later.......

Friday, November 7, 2008

My Computer Hates me!

I went without a while computer sort of went into a coma, and now it has died again. It has out right died. It will not start up (same ting as last time) although the blue screen of death has not hit yet..... I believe it is time for a whole new hard drive and just see if I can get by for a bit longer....

I so don't want to spend my money on another stupid computer ! Aren't these things supposed to last more than a few years, or I am so naive ? Ugh Ugh Ugh. So easy, even a caveman could be frustrated....

ANYWHOOOOO I am posting from my hubby's laptop, so my fabulous drawing and all future post are completely relying on HIM. Wish me luck.

In the meantime, remember this little bit of advice. Diet Coke and chocolate make a great dinner, too. The chocolate cake is bye bye now.

Soooooo Saaaaadd! booo hooo.

I can not say it better

....than a prophet.

As a prophet reveals the truth it divides the people. The honest in heart heed his words, but the unrighteous either ignore the prophet or fight him. When the prophet points out the sins of the world, the worldly either want to close the mouth of the prophet, or else act as if the prophet didn't exist, rather than repent of their sins. Popularity is never a test of truth. Many a prophet has been killed or cast out. As we come closer to the Lord's second coming, you can expect that as the people of the world become more wicked, the prophet will be less popular with them.

Ezra Taft Benson

I was inspired by Rindee to post my feelings today, and I will keep it short. Then tomorrow you may enjoy a happy charm drawing free of any political stance.

I love many people who choose not to do right, but it does not force me to pass laws in their favor. I do not understand how this comment is less brave than one that supports abortion, same sex marriage, or any thing else the world wants me to believe has no consequence. I do not write this to persuade you to follow my beliefs, just to let you know where I stand. I remember raising my arm to sustain a prophet, and I will continue to do so. I also believe that we can live together, we can build a country, we can raise children without fighting about it.

Don't get mad....just think about it.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Breakfast of Champions

I have shopping to do, laundry to fold, coupons to clip and 3 clients scheduled....

This breakfast has never failed me yet!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Let's Play "I Spy"

This for all of you haters out there that said "Wow. Your house is so clean. I can never do this photo tag!" (which is laughable) HERE YA GO.

First- my vanity. It is supposed to be a cute little place to nestle together my lotions and jewelry for me to enjoy. It is this.......................

I spy a string cheese wrapper, ( or two, my favorite in bed snack), a gray wrestling t-shirt of my sons (his bedroom is 10 feet from mine. Why is this still there?), a lotion bottle that is magically balanced in an empty drinking glass, curling ribbon (what if I want to wear that? Just what if!!!) and a mall receipt from last years Christmas. What I don't spy is my cute Shabby Chic vanity. I am going to get rid of this whole thing because it is such a clutter magnet.

WAIT there is more! This room has potential to be a bedroom, possible laundry and storage room, or even a crafter's dream! Instead it is this:

Please note the blue tote that is our 'dress up' tote. It is almost empty, but the dress-ups are strewn around on the floor. The drum set is my sisters- my kids insisted they could play it and start a band. It is too big for a bedroom (and a junk room). I need to take it back. You can also see my Living Scriptures VHS collection (instant Family Home Evening- stop your coveting NOW)and the sheet rock that should be on the walls is leaned agianst the side making and INSTANT SHELF for my junking pleasure! The best thing about this room is the brick chimney you can see behind the movies. When we ripped down the trailer court paneling to start on this room I was so excited about this. Now it is the only saving grace of the room. Bonus points if you can spy the heating blanket (that now longer heats) and the monster truck toy. It belongs to my husband, not my kids.

Don't worry. I have already sent pictures to Oprah and In a Fix, and I am sure they are on their way to help.

Now me......

I love my wet curly stringy hair, don't you? The best part of this photo is the robe I got at Dillard's on clearance, for 9 bucks. I will admit this; I took a few shots before I got this one, which I can deal with. I wasn't smiling in the others and the lighting wasn't right, so I kind of looked like a convict. This shot reveals the true size of my nose. (large)

Hope you enjoyed seeing a couple of my messes. Take my word for it, there are plenty more. I hope I will have them cleaned up before my kids move out.

Now quit blogging and go vote (but don't tell me who you are voting for. I don't want to know!)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

There are ow TWO fabulous ways to celebrate my birthday.

1- Enter the etsy artsy give away below. If it goes well, I will do it again at some random later time. I am turning 38 and would be so heartbroken if I get anything less that 38 in comments on my giveaway, and I can't type them all to myself!

2- Click on this link provided by my sister Shannon (Happy Birthday Mona) which will show my hotness from the 70's AND the early 90's. This brought to you by the same girl who put up the family movie of me being attacked by a giant spider. I made this movie as a grown adult, and of my own free will. I blame it in the children.

Now, I must toodles because I am meeting my friend for lunch and spending the day with Hubby Samy. You won't want to miss tomorrow! Not only will my posts be one year older in wisdom and wit, but you will see my messy house vote winners!!!!

Oh my gosh! How will you all sleep?

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Birthday Blog Give Away!

I was so inspired by Teresa's birthday bash and Jillene's giveaway (which I won) , plus many more tokens of blogging love, that I had to copy, copy, copy. Combine that desire with kind of a crappy Sunday (that means I for sure lost my temper, ate way too much chocolate, was an hour late for church, and drank a Diet Coke well before 10:00 am)
and a need to feel creative, and that equals my GIVEAWAY!

I sat surrounded by copies of Somerset Studios and
Sally Jean's Pretty Little Things

and in spite of my rotten, terrible, horrible,
no good very bad day,
I felt happy
(take note crafting haters!)
Now you can cash in on my joy and my birthday
(which is all about presents, right?)

Here is the prize, in honor of cupcake lovers everywhere, as well as those of us who love our life, even on the kind of sucky days. One handmade charm for your jingling pleasure.

The front features a proper lady, much like yourself, about to partake of her cupcake. It reads The sweet life. The back says "don't forget to lick the bowl" (also known as my advice to grown women across the world).
Comes on a ribbon, but you can hook it to a chain or cord, if you like. These are great on a chunky necklace, hanging from your rear view mirror, or tied to your handbag, but stay away from key chains- the glass has been known to shatter when tossed to and fro. Hand made by ME so imperfections are considered artsy. (that's what I tell myself).

Just leave me a comment to have an automatic entry for this lovely charm. If you think this deserves a little more than one feeble entry, then in your next post or sidebar link up to a post of mine that you think others might enjoy. That will earn you 2 extra entries.

I know people think this is mere bribery, and even though it kind of is, I was so excited when I got my necklace from my winning entry that I had to share the love. Plus, who else would enjoy my creations?

I will keep the entries open until Friday night, November 7, or Saturday morning when I stumble out of bed. Good Luck!