Sunday, August 17, 2014

After the Extensions

It has been a year and half since I added extensions to my hair.  I had a weft sewn in (a weave) for about 5 months, and then I switched to the Babe Tape-In extensions and had the same hair in for  a little over a year.
It was true love with my long locks.
I have never had hair this long, and certainly never had hair thick enough to look this long- or cute in messy bun, or pony-tail.  Let's face it, long hair is just PRETTY!

But this summer I was getting antsy over my hair.  The tape wasn't working well so I needed to invest in more hair, but wasn't sure I wanted to do it.  My ever patient and super flexible hair-dresser said "just take them out, and if you miss them put them back later."  Oh. Yeah. Easy peesy.  Why do we get so dramatic over our hair?

So with a slip of adhesive release and a few tangles to untangle I was extension free.  I had them in for 18 months, so my hair hadn't been cut in that long.  You can remember my short bob from this post.  I was struggling to grow it out.

We added ombres because I love them (especially for summer) and this was me on the drive home from my salon visit.

I was absolutely shocked at how long my hair looked, even with the extensions gone.
Here is another shot I took after coming home and re-doing my hair (gotta make sure I can re-create the style on my own!)

In spite of the weird lighting in this picture I really do love the way my hair looks now.  We barely trimmed up a few straggly ends, so it is still a little bit asymmetrical and a long, long A-line.  I like it. Here is a shot of the back. 

Again, just refer to my former pictures and you will see- this is a LOT of growth for 18 months.  If you are seriously in a rut growing out your hair get some good extensions and just give your hair a year or so to do it's thing.  I think the thickness helps protects it and let's that length add up nicely.  The best part is now I may just stick with my own hair and forget the extensions.  

It is so fast to wash and style my hair now, and it is easier to manage when styling.  I lost the thick, glamorous look, but I really am happy with this length and style for now.  You also can't beat the money saved (extensions add up, you know) that I feel like I can spend on other goodies in my life. So for now my love affair with my extensions has come to end, but I think back on them with fondness and will always love them for the time we had. <3 div="" nbsp="">