Thursday, September 30, 2010

All About Me for Link Party

If you don't peek at Funky Junk occasionally, you are missing out. I loved this link party because I have kind of been lazy on my blog, and so between putting up Halloween decorations and sipping my Diet Coke I decided to play today.

Who am I ?

Messy Hair slightly blurry photo....the best

I am a mother of 3 boys and girlfriend to my hubby. I am artistic, religious, emotional, creative and somewhat fun. I love people, but cherish my alone time, and 40 is within weeks. How did that happen?

Where I live

A small town along the Wasatch Front, in a sweet home that was built in 1906. I walked through the house while pregnant with my first baby, and fell in love. We moved with dreams of fixing up the home to something fabulous....we are still working on those dreams!

What I love about my house

It has a story. It was built by immigrants from Iceland who helped settle the area, and every once in a while someone will knock on my door with a story to tell about the home's history. This shade tree that I have my little table under was planted side by side with another tree by the home owners when two sons went to war. One tree never grew or thrived, while the other sprouted up beautifully, and then the family received word that one son had died at war. They pulled the dead tree out and left this one, still alive, in the yard. symbolizing their surviving son.
When's the last time you heard a story like that at the latest development?

My favorite room
My Dining Room. It also is the home of my computer hutch and piano, so this is the heart of my house. I love it mostly becasue this is where we sit as a family for dinner, where we do homework, where I greet visitors. It isn't fancy, I know that, but it is just so real life.

What I like to DIY

Artsy tidbits and scrapbooks. I am happiest surrounded by photos and paper goods, making a scrapbook, or a charm for a necklace, a book mark, or fun tag for a gift. I tend to stick to small projects so I actually finish them.

I wish I knew how to.....

Be organized. I am a stacker, a saver, a "sure I will need this someday" kind of girl. I force myself to watch "Hoarders" every now and then just to light the fire of desire to purge (it works). But I wish that I had that neat-nik personality. My husband is neat. I am not. I defend my children's messes, and curse myself for not being tidy. I am not sure how to overcome that.

Why I love to blog....

to connect with other people, to write my story, and mostly, to sit back an take an objective look at myself on regular basis. I find it very therapeutic and my blog is a little bit random....but so am I.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I want, I want, I want

Some days I just kind of want to stomp my feet and beg for things.....

I mean, it is silly, considering I have lots of cool things already....BUT

I lust.

I keep telling my family that Santa better have one thing for sure on that sled for me

I am ready to move up from my point and shoot, but not ready to go full force photographer. The Rebel proves to be a good entry level DSLR.
I have tried to be very good all year, haven't I?

And because of the long distance business trips my secret stash is low.... I believe a visit to See's is in order.

We are starting to talk about the REMODEL. When the Ramsey effect has taken place, and we are fully debt free, including the mortgage!!!! ( sometime in the spring), we have decided we will do some renovating, and I can't stop pining over the idea of a new kitchen

(photo from Cottage Living). So hey, we will have a loan again at that point, but we know how to make mince meet of those silly debts, so we are not afraid. Long Live Capitalism!
Bring on the spring renovation!

I also have been thinking I need a cool pair of boots (these are from Elle)

I am anything BUT a cowgirl, but I just keep envisioning cute skirts, slouchy socks, worn jeans and tromping right over the muddy leaves all fall..... These just may be a necessity.

Speaking of fall...... let me sigh over the end of summer

I am a little bit mad at myself for wasting so many beautiful days this summer feeling tired and not chasing the sun as much as I should have...

but hey, there is always next year.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Almost a football fan

With little brother resting after his flag football game

And this guy working harder than I have ever seen him work

And the whole thing becoming a bonding moment between father and son

This girlie girl who has never really truly cared before
is becoming a fan
of football

Friday, September 3, 2010


Happiness is finding someone to love

Joy is having a family

Growing is making it through the good, and the bad

Fun is seeing the world

and satisfaction is knowing today is as great as every other day
no grand parties
no big trip
no huge gifts

Just enjoying each other

17 years and going.....