Friday, June 6, 2014

Feeding my Creative Self

Over the last six months my creative self has had a jump start.  I owe it all to Instagram which instantly connected me to other artists and creative souls who are sneaking time out of their busy lives to create.  They are making ATCs, art journals, hand made postcards and other objects of beauty- and best of all, they are all eager to trade.  Bring on the mail. It has been great.
Snail Mail surprise received from an online artist friend 

I just stumbled upon a lovely artist who hosts an online 'summer camp' in which she gives weekly challenges and all her followers (camp participants) create and share their work. You can read more about the online Summer of Color camp here on the Twinkle Twinkle blog.

Right now I am planning on doing mostly collages for this summer challenge, just because I want the practice, but we will see if that is how it happens.

I am also putting together a thick chunky art journal inspired by a few fellow IGers- and will show you all about that when it is finished up. I am still working and waiting on pages and then I will be putting it all together stitching and sewing it to hopefully make something pretty.

Art Journal Pages for Instagram page exchange

For now, this post is jumping off point for the summer. I am hoping to paint, cut, paste, scrap and record whenever I get a few minutes to myself.  It is hard to sneak away and take the time to do it- and that is exactly why I love the fact that trades and challenges drive you to complete whatever little lovely thing you can.   
Mixed media Artist Trading Cards (ATCs)  made to swap by mail

Here's to taking time to create- even if it's a fun filter and a thought on a photo that caught your eye

Happy Summer. Chase the sun.  
Find the light.  Create and share.