Sunday, May 5, 2013

Unity Lesson for Young Women

Our ward had an A-Maze-Ing time at girls camp last year, and our Girl On Fire theme was a hit (I can't believe how everyone has taken off with this idea in blog land. You inspire me!) But, let's be honest, it is a week with teenage girls, and there can be a few bumps in the road on the way.

This year, we wanted to 'clean the slate' and start off our camp anticipation with more unity. One of our leaders had an good idea and used the lesson time on Sunday with all the combined girls for it.

They started off with the story of the Redwood Trees.  Yes, they are tall, but they must grow in groves, where they can support each other to reach their full height.  This is like us, especially as Daughters of God trying to stand tall in a world of storms.

In another room, a square had been taped on the floor (large enough for all to step in, but small enough for it to be tight), and everyone stood around the edge of the room. Then, it was "Step in the Square" time...

start off easy and fun
step in the square if you are wearing blue
step in the square if you have glasses
step in the square if you like sports..... etc

after the mood was more open, so were the requirements

step in the square if you've ever been scared
step in the square if you have ever felt left out
step in the square if you are nervous for camp
step in the square if you ever feel lonely

even the leaders joined in....and it was obvious we all share the same fears, pains, and anxieties

finally, our testimonies
step in the square if you have ever felt the Holy Ghost
step in the square if you know you are blessed
step in the square if you are a daughter of God

Everyone in the square!
 Arms needed to be wrapped and all had to stand close to squeeze on in!

Then, each girl received a small mailing label sticker, and was asked to write a fear, anxiety, worry or habit on it that they wished to let go of.  These were placed on balloons and the girls gathered outside.

If they wanted to share what they wrote they could, but it it was only optional. You will find some girls are eager to share their feelings, while others would rather participate quietly.  (Am I the only one struck with how lovely and graceful these girls are? You leaders out there know what I mean).

Then, it was time to release the balloons and let go.....

We were blessed with a perfect day! The lesson went so smooth, and the girls love the change of pace.
It was a great little activity, and while it may never be PERFECT with everything that we plan and do for these girls, I know these little moments add up and increase our awareness of ourselves, those around us, and that spirit that connects us all. 

Create space for those moments, and they will happen.