Sunday, November 29, 2009

November Fun

Fighting a head cold (way too much running around and late nights have caught up with me) has kept me away from my regular computer are a few highlights of the month.

I have this kind of a family

We really do gather around and sing holiday songs and hymns whenever we can. I was thrilled to see my brother enjoy my Clavinova and have my teenager join in on his guitar. This one of my favorite times with my family.

My kids enjoyed helping with these for the little ones to enjoy at Thanksgiving dinner

I really did run off at midnight to see New Moon with my niece and sisters

This is the only way to see a Twilight movie, with screaming and swooning ladies of all ages who aren't afraid to make some noise, sigh over Jacob's muscles, and even giggle at the cheesy dialogue. I loved it, however I fully blame that 12:30 viewing and waiting in the cold for the beginning of my sickness.

If New Moon didn't satisfy your craving for an interesting film experience then I highly recommend renting this
aside from the fact that Luke Wilson is so painfully adorable that you want to climb in the screen and give him a hug, this movie is funny and heartbreaking and artsy in a touching way. For me, right up there with Lars and the Real Girl and Dan in Real Life...which is saying a lot, unless you hate those movies. It has been added to my Christmas list since I saw it with Netflix.

Lastly, I actually broke out of my shell and e-mailed fellow art blogger Becky at Whimsical Musings for a little tag exchange. Her beautiful tags arrived and made my sickly day on the couch much better.....

I was a little intimidated by this task, but already learned a few things and picked up some ideas from her gorgeous art work, so this bit of discomfort was good for me. I highly recommend you click on her blog if you like this amazing work, she has collage freebies and ideas galore plus links to her Etsy pages you can purchase for download anytime.

I wish I could have this tree by my beside, with a plate of cupcakes beside it.....
It was the Marie Antoinette tree at Mystical Paper in Mesa Arizona. My hubby was sweet enough to rest on the soft chair in the doorway (smart idea, shop owners) and let me gasp and sigh over the amazing contents of this little artsy store. It was heaven. I left with a full bag and spent every last bit of my 'blow' money.

Usually I am knee deep in wrapped gifts, baked goods, and Christmas decorations by the Sunday after Thanksgiving, but this year my sickness has slowed me down and my fall decor isn't even put away yet. Cross your fingers for me and wish me luck as I vow to begin the holidays today after church. I can use all the positive vibes I can get right now!
I hope your holidays are off with a bang and life is full for you, too.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Easy Redistribution

Yes, folks , it's true.....

Now you, too can enjoy the the wealth of others in your own home. It's all possible with the is easy game, "I Call Obama".

Here's how it works. Simply pay attention to the last of the best in your house. You know, the last brownie in the pan, the last Coke in the fridge, or piece of garlic toast, the last cup of milk for cereal....
as someone goes to take it, simply announce "I call Obama!".

The person MUST share with you, and anyone else who wanted a bit of the best.

Does it matter that Dad was still hungry for Lasagna? Nope! Does it matter that mom was saving that Coke to drink while she worked on the primary program? No WAY! What about that Easter Basket full of chocolate your best friend dropped off? Call Obama!
You want it, you take it!

In fact, calling Obama scored me some delicious Twix and Resses Peanut Butter cups on Halloween from my totally greedy children (who spent hours trick or treating) so, you get the idea. It is SO FUN you will be playing all day!

Nothing like family redistribution.

(In all fairness, my friend Heidi taught me this game. I'd link you to her blog, but she doesn't have one. She is a hilarious girl with an equally awesome hilarious family, that I try to pretend I belong to sometimes. They call "Obama" too.)

I call Obama on comments!
Now you HAVE to leave me one, even if your time is short, so get typing, Americans!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Show and Tell Friday

I am playing along with Cindy at My Romantic Home this Friday, and excited for Show and Tell.

I have an old table that Santa brought me for my first Christmas as a wife.....I loved it back then, but boy, has it seen 16 years of abuse and torment. I painted it a few years back, and really need to paint it again, but just haven't got around to it.
Imagine my thrill when shopping the other day and walking past a new line of "Country Living" products at K-Mart (hold your snickering mockery, please). They had a table cloth almost exactly like the one I had been wanting in the Ballard Design catalog- but for a fraction of the cost. It adds just a bit of vintage romance to my room.

Yes.....I know my bookshelf is over used and crammed to the rim. That's the way I like it.

Back to show and tell. When unpacking my fall decorations I pulled out this "Give Thanks" sign that I must have purchased at the end of the season last year, because I don't remember it, but really love it. It was kind of a fun surprise ( maybe we should all do this more often- buy on sale and pack it away for ourselves next year!) and I had just bought this rusty hand at a nearby store that props it up perfectly.

I can't help but love putting away the Halloween things because Thanksgiving and Christmas just roll together seamlessly for me, a celebration of beautiful, tasty food, time with family, aprons and presents, laughter and decorating, and all the things that give me excuses to spoil the people I love that are around me.
And yes......
I am already listening to Christmas music (and plucking some out on the piano).

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Haul

Back when I was a kid we actually had to work for our candy. You walked past the empty fields of our small town to the 2 houses on the next block, and then repeated this action, not missing a single porch or opportunity. The one old couple in the neighborhood that gave a full size candy bar was high on the list, and you worked your way out from there, often coming home with frozen hands and a runny nose well after lights were out. That was how you got the good stuff.
Those days are gone. From a warm walk around the church parking lot for trunk or treat, then off to NaNa's house for a full sized grab bag ( every year she starts them off right) they just have the treats rolling in.

Then it was on the quest (driven by mom and dad, might I add) to find the donut house.
Yes....those are Krispy Kremes. A dozen. Each child.

After that stop at the rich generous dude's place (the line to his porch was impressive), it was off to the 'Beanie Baby' house for the yearly find: which was my trick or treating stomping grounds as a child as well.

At this point we hook up with cousins and hit the 'scary houses' where it is more spook alley then treats for the attraction, and I always wish my house were more like that. Then (after much coaxing) the kids hang out and get their candy the old fashioned way..... door to door, piece by piece.

Over all between my 3 kids they had well over 16 pounds of goods to trade and barter with. It is always fun for me to see them on the floor sorting and spying each others goods like I remember doing.

I am shaking my head this morning realizing Christmas is 53 days away and Santa has not even thought about what he is putting in that sleigh yet. For some reason Halloween, primary, and other matters have seem to have gotten in the way.......oh well.

Happy Holidays!