Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My outlook at the gym

Today I had a little 'a-ha' moment at the gym.
Determined to push myself I registered for a 5k last week, and it is almost here. I have never been a runner. I never wanted to be a runner, but my little sister Krisi just registered for a half marathon and I figured it was time to be inspired.

In this photo I am with my older sister (and childhood room mate) Lynnae, who has lost over 100 pounds by faithfully following Weight Watchers and doing Jazzercise and...... yes- running. Today at the gym I hopped on the treadmill for a 'short' run, to push my speed a little. I ran a mile faster than I ever had, and kept going. I felt fine. I felt great, actually. Next to me I noticed a woman who ran a bit, then walked, ran, then walked. I have seen her earlier this week doing the same thing. I realized- that was me a month ago. Now I can run 3 miles, and although I am tired, I can do it.

The great thing about running is no matter where you are you see people who are not as good as you, and people who are so much better- there is always room to grow, but improvement happens quickly. As I left the gym I saw a mom pull up, unloading her 3 kids from the mini-van to go in for her morning workout. I felt inspired by her, knowing how hard it is to take care of yourself with little ones around. I felt inspired by the woman running next to me, pushing herself to run, and by my sisters and people around me.
I am going to workout with a new attitude. Gratitude and awe.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Motherhood moments

On a good day, I send my kids off to school with homework packed and papers signed. They come home to a snack and play, finishing off with dinner and homework. The kids climb into bed with hugs and kisses, and I think.... I have this motherhood thing down pat.

Summers mean worksheets and library days and lazy afternoons at Seven Peaks with yummy lunches and Dippin Dots and frozen slushy drinks. On a good day.

On most days however, there is way too much normal going on. Fighting over who will sit in the front seat, who picks the TV show, who sat down first, who left the milk out, who lost the remote, who left the balls in the yard, who didn't flush or worse- wipe, and voices that are normally sweet are raging at volumes unnecessary while sitting only a foot away. I become someone I am afraid of, my blood boling and my pulse racing as I plot ways to escape and hide from my children. Dr. Phil and Supernany give advice that runs through my head, but I simply want to punish my kids, lock them up, and run away.

Who would have thought that many motherhood moments are really a strange sort of torture. From Gameboy noises to bodily functions to crying and punching.... Honestly.......... really?

I am trying, really trying, to be a good mom. I have not harmed anyone (yet). I have given time-outs for the alloted minutes and sent kids outside. I really just thought I would be better. Better prepared, better equiped. The cute funny mom, in her skinny jeans and perfect make-up and feeding organic snacks to well washed and well mannered little children who adored me. Well..... for those of you who know me well, this is not the scenario I live at all. It is a sad reality.
My husband reminds me, however that one part of the scenario is real.... these boys adore me. Imperfections at all. Dang good thing. That may well be what keeps them safe. And I have to admit, I adore them back ( at least, on most days)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer Nights in the Park

Me with Parker and Hayden, listening to the concert and being silly. The boys are attending the Spanish Fork Arts Festival for youth, so today was a busy day of shuttling up and down the hill to art, drawing, music and dance (breakdancing) classes. I was worried about all the shuffling, and it was busy for a few hours, but I also took the time to vcacuum and dust (wow..... how bad I needed that) without anyone following behind me to mess things up as I cleaned them. The few minutes of quiet was well worth it, plus the kids came home and Hayden was excited with his sketches- he learned about shading, Parker had to sketch while his paper was taped the the bottom of a desk (Michaelangelo), and Connley is excited about his intro to blugrass guitar. A little something to get you going in the summer is well..... just a gift!

The kids got raffle tickets for prizes at the park concert, and while we didn't win, we still had fun.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My baby brother and his baby....

Cassie and her new baby after labor pains all night. She looked so great... man! It just isn't fair. They were both so excited and the baby is so sweet..... I am happy for them.

Eric sings in little Asher's ear to calm him down, and it worked.....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Notes on a baby Shower

My brother Eric and his cute wife Cassie are anxiously awaiting the birth of their first little one. Expecting a boy, and ready to name him Asher, we are all super excited for this guy to get here! Cassie spent weeks on bedrest with contractions, only to get up and back to life at 37 weeks with, you guessed it, no contractions whatsoever (that is a cruel trick life plays on us, isn't it ?) We decided to meet for a dinner and celebrate with her. Due to weather problems (hello! Utah- it is JUNE!!!) we met at her mom's, instead of the park in Elkridge. I was way too excited about making some super sweet cupcakes (which will never grace the lips of Cass- she doesn't eat refined sugar) that we all ate, with a sugar rush to follow. I won't even tell you how many of those I ate. Suffice it to say I did not skip my running the next day.

The T-shirts were my sister's idea. Eric is the one that had introduced our family to Dave Ramsey, so I personalized some little tees for them. They read "Show Me the Money" , "I see debt people" and my favorite- "Debt Free Baby". I can't wait to see them on that baby- now if he would just get here!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Wanna get creative......

My Pretty Little Things.....

Glass slide craft chrams

After buying the quirky but inspiring "Pretty Little Things" book by Sally Jean (locals may have seen her charms at the Dear Lizzie boutique- you can find them online also), I was itching to get crafty.

I made these as a first time experiment, and with a cute bow hanging on my purse I am thrilled with the results (I am the one in the pink tutu), so that is mine. Since then I have made a few for gifts, a necklace charm, and keychain... and I am hooked. There is something about being surrounded by paper and glass, and mastering a smoky soldering iron that is very empowering (even if I am not that great yet).

I will be adding more artistic notes soon- as they are what will get me through this summer, for sure.