Thursday, December 3, 2009

City Cutbacks in Hard Times

I know we have it rough in some cities. I get it.

But really, does that explain the need to cause panic and slam on your brakes when you see this
only to find it was for nothing?

I know you don't want a ticket, and I don't either. So take a closer look.....

Yes, that is right, that is NOT a real cop, but a beautiful mannequin.
What city needs mannequins to be their cops? (I won't tell you, but we passed 3 of them, in separate cities, on our last little road trip) And further more, why would you choose a CHICK mannequin fully made up?

And lest you think this gives you free reign to drive like an Andretti boy, think again.
Speckled throughout Arizona state are photo opportunities just waiting for you to speed, which we did. (Or, my husband did) and we were caught.....

I am so sad they blurred out my face, I bet I looked hot that day.

My husband always thinks he can safely drive over the speed limit just a bit and be safe, but this camera proved us wrong. $180 later I think our fees are paid, but my advice to you is SLOW DOWN (because I also got a ticket this year, but mine was from a good old fashioned REAL man-cop, apparently a rare find nowadays.)

The nice thing about the mannequins is that they never once gave us a ticket.

However I can say this: whatever form it comes in, paying for speeding just kind of bites.


Hillary said...

That is crazy! Now that you let the cat out of the bag people all over the place are going to get distrcted trying to figure out if each cop car they pass has a real cop or just a doll. XDD

Jon said...

Man you guys need Prepaid Legal!
I speed with impunity and haven't paid a ticket is years.
Or you could slow down...but why bother when you can just have the lawyers handle it for $17 per month.

Kristina P. said...

My brother used to live in Arizona, and he had great stories to tell about the cameras.

TJ said...

Ha! I know where those fake cops are, they have been there for a few years even. We drive through there a couple times a year, they don't even bother to move them.

Chris said...

If it works use them. But it kind of makes fun of law officers if they can be replaced by a doll.

CarrieAnn said...

Ugh! Tickets are SCARY! I have a two hour commute, and I spend the entire time worrying about cops. Bad for my stress level. AND they just banned texting while driving in NC, so I'm really twitching now. But I really don't want to dish out that $180! LOL to that picture of your husband!

Lynnae said...

The popular thing around here is to have a patrol car pulling that has pulled over an unmarked patrol car. people thing the officer is busy so they speed, and then get pulled over by one of the two cars.
I've also heard of people being pulled over as they passed this for not moving out of the right lane. I didn't even know that was a law!

Wendyburd1 said...

I think catching you later on camera is such cheating. They should have to catch you, like WORK!! LOL

whymsicalmusings said...

Don't you just hate that! I haven't had a speeding ticket in years but it is so darn hard not to speed especially when you live out in the country 27 miles from town. It seems to take forever to get to Braum's the best Ice Cream store in the south to get my Handmade fresh limeaide! There are none like them anywhere else in America I am sure:) And thus speeding tends to lead itself to situations when you are so thirsty there is no other way to quench it but speed so you may arrive a fraction of a minute earlier than you would have otherwise!

That said..... I do hope you post a picture of your house. My grandparents lived just 2 blocks down the street from the little white dairy hut that does the fabulous Brown Topper Ice Cream cones. It was still there when my Grandfather passed away 14 years ago and my brother and I walked the 2 blocks had our ice cream cone and reminisced about the wonderful childhood days we spent with our grandparents in Spanish Fork. The rides through the beautiful mountains by Lehi and Provo and the wonderful family get togethers in their teeny tiny house.The house borders the baseball fields now they actually but up to the backyard fence. My aunt and uncle own it although they do not live there they live in Wendover. BTW I grew up in West Jordan and still have many relatives in Utah. I do miss it but have come to love Oklahoma as my home now.