Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I marched

This will be a feeble attempt to just capture a flicker of the experience I had last weekend. We decided to fly out to DC and join the Taxpayers Protest. This was no 'one person movement', and people were there for many different reasons.
Why was I there?
I think just to remind myself what freedom is all about, to raise awareness of the growing size of government, to be an example of involvement for my children,to speak out for the rights of the individual, and also to see who else would be there and connect with their energy.
My peace loving husband insisted NO SIGNS on the Metro. He didn't want to draw attention to ourselves.

Ummm, yeah. No worries there. We were like lame-o boring protesters on the Metro. (This is at 7:00 am, as they gates for the metro opened. This is 3 hours before the march. )

As we gather, cops and patriots alike were there surveying the scene. Before I knew it some guy offered us free t-shirts, which we willingly obliged. (okay, I grabbed an extra too and stuck it in my bag for someone back home. Is that horrible?)
BTW-you can get your own mob like t-shirt at Bureau Crash dot com
We start to mull around and snap pictures of clever signs and people there.
There was a group dressed in Colonial gear that brought drums to the rally and tapped beats as we marched. It set a tone to the march, and gave me goosebumps. (I'm a sap, I know!)
And possibly my favorite poster.......
Honestly, the atmosphere felt like a big social event. There was laughing and joking and hugging and I did not hear one cuss word (but a few posters quoted the famous line "I'm mad as Hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!") After the blessed event of finding an available porta potty, we joined the crowd and the bodies started moving.
We were marching on Pennsylvania Avenue, and two other neighboring streets filtered their crowds in as well.

My heart was pounding, even though I wasn't scared at all. I realized I was getting emotional. I stepped out of the flow of bodies to snap this picture. Many people were stopping to capture the words on the building.

One man next to me said "I drive past this every day! I never even thought about it! LOOK AT THIS!!!"

....that was all it took for me. The tears started.

Yeah, look at this. And think about how many centuries of people COULD NOT do this.

Think about all the things we can do daily, and the original revolution that set it all in motion.

And while there were various chants and shouts of "No More Lies" or "USA", the vocal expression of choice was the singing of the "Star Spangled Banner". That, too, touched me. At moments I couldn't squeak out the notes through my choked up throat, and I felt silly for being so overwhelmed with emotion, but the feeling of the crowd was both enthusiastic and peaceful.

It was the most comforting and intense feeling, and it came at the most unexpected time.

I know there have been debates on how many people were really there (You Tube time lapsed videos and various uploads give a better feel for the crowd), but here's the thing. It doesn't even matter.
For a day we united and raised our voices.
For a moment I felt a taste of what I believe our Founding Fathers wanted us to feel.
Maybe someone at home saw the photos or the video and thought, "I should take a stand next time".
Even if it infused ONLY MYSELF with the strength to not be afraid and develop a greater respect for this country, then isn't that enough?

I don't know what you have heard, what you have read, and whether or not you agree with the ideals of that day, but know this. For those of us that were there it was nothing but great.

I love this country, I believe it is good, and I pray that my children will grow up with the same freedoms I have enjoyed in my life.

Maybe even more.

I leave you with the words of Edward Abbey for your pondering enjoyment.......

"A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government."

Are you ready?


Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Good for you for standing for something you believe in. It takes courage to do more than complain about the world from inside your bubble.

Rosey Pollen said...

What an exciting and emotional experience! I had to laugh at the WTF sign too. I really hope that your courage is contagious.

Angie said...

Thanks for posting your experience. It sounds awesome! I would have been holding back tears as well. I was just telling a friend about what you did and saying I didn't think I could ever do it. After hearing your experience, maybe I can. Thanks for the inspiration!

ramsam said...

Oh, you can do it.
It was great!
I would fly out again tonight for the same experience in a heart beat!!!

LL said...

Thank you for marching.

Thank you for standing up for American values.

Thank you for being who you are and for not shrinking from the challenge.

Carry a sign next time!

Whatever it says, will be what you believe and it will send a shockwave through the hearts of those who believe they can act against our best interests as Americans.

Vanessa said...

What an awesome experience! Good for you for taking part in such a great experience!

Lynnae said...

Awesome Sis! Yay! I understand your emotions and I'm so glad you got to go. I just don't know what else to say.
I'm going to put up a link on Liberty

Jeremy and Ashley Bogard said...

You rock! Way to represent.

Marie said...

{LOVE} that you did this!!
I feel the same about "Green Our Vaccines"
I march and scream and hold signs!

Erin said...

Wow, what an amazing experience for you! How neat.

ramsam said...

A nod on the Liberty blog???
I feel I must be on the right track!!!

Lee said...

So what exactly was it for?
Is it anything like the tea party people?

Wendyburd1 said...

This was an amazing post Ramona! I love the pic of the wall, where is that, I have never heard of it before?
I also love the shirts! I am glad it was such a GOOD experience for you!

Calvin said...

the extra T was for me right?

whymsicalmusings said...

WOW What a wonderful post I could almost feel myself marching right along with you! GOD BLESS AMERICA and keep her free.

Lee W - The Way I See It said...

WOW- I so admire you and your husband! You hit the nail on the head in your post- THIS really is what this great nation is about- being able to demonstrate and show our ideals and ideas. WTG.

Whitney R said...

Sounds like it was a great experience! You were there representing me since I can't go anywhere :)

Anonymous said...

"A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government."

Strangely, that's exactly what I said during the Bush administration. Ironically, from 2000-2008 it made me UNpatriotic to question the "president." (I put "president" in quotes, because he was the poorest excuse for a leader EVER), but now when you all protest our current leader, that is somehow just SO patriotic. I guess people are only patriotic if they agree with you, hmmm?

ramsam said...

Why hello, anon..
I see you were brave enough to leave a comment, but not quite brave enough to put a name behind it.... oh well. I can respond anyway.

Actually, your comment includes a huge assupmtion. You are assuming that I was never outraged over anyting that happened in the past, of course to which you are wrong. I protested quite a few things myself, and back in the day I was actually naive enough to think my letters to my state representatives could help.
Those days are long over.
As a citizen who loves capitalism (see my t?) I do not agree with a president firing CEO's, owning car companies and banks, toying with the idea of salary capping and thinking the government knows how to run healthcare.

So yea....you know, I appreciate a like mind because they most likely value what I value. Individual freedoms, morality, choices, less government and certainly less taxes..... wait a second! That sounds like the patriots that originally fought for this country! So I guess you're right! I see the word PATRIOT as someone who believes in freedom and fights for it.
No matter WHO is president.

Lynnae said...

Well said Ramsam.
I've written three responses to Anon, but in the end you said it well.
That guys such a whiner.

ramsam said...

Hey Lynnae, nice to see you back.
I am sure you would have some great input, but in the end, if anon wants to come and whine and not proceed with an intelligent arguement (like what they are doing now that our constitutional rights are blatantly being trampled on) then I guess they don't warrant much of a discussion.

Hope your day is full of fun and FREEDOM!

thestarforum said...

I was there too. How wonderful to see moms and dads and kids joining together in the cause of liberty, and your LDS, too. Way to go. Keep fighting the good fight.

Jacqueline Smith