Thursday, December 9, 2010

Family Festivities

I am one of those gooey, sappy, holiday enthusiasts. I love it. I love the lights. I love the music. I love the fact that my kids still count down the days with me.

Love Love Love

Holiday around the house...
tags made for tag exchange
my outdoor nativity (proud moment: buying a spotlight to light this up at night)
my nativity I bought the first year I was married
a cry for Santa's attention on our porch
a few pictures and nativity made by sweet grandma

Family moments
favorite cookies for dipping and munching (so me..but very hard to find)
collection of Santas abound
reminder to Believe
boys enjoying a quick snow fall
a tree light up, chirping, calling for Christmas to come

Let me explain: my parents had an electric ornament that chirped like a bird when you plugged it in. When lights went on, the bird began singing. I remember visitors perplexed , trying to find it in the tree. After growing up with the Christmas bird I have missed it in my own home. Although it could be was part of Christmas. Last year I bought one, and we hooked it up. It was MUCH LOUDER than my parent's bird...but after figuring out how to open it and cover the speaker this year it is just right. It chirps whenever the lights are on. It makes me feel giddy all over again. I love my annoying bird.

My son performing with the choir. (the handsome guy looking at the camera above the mic)
Makes me cry every time.
I love that he sings unafraid, praises to Christ and songs from the Messiah

so excuse me for loving Christmas and feeling sorry for Hum Bugs.
I have reasons to rejoice...
don't we all?


Kristina P. said...

That's funny about the bird! Your house looks beautiful.

ramsam said...

Thanks- it has been fun.

I have to admit, when we watch The Sing Off, the bird gets shut off.

Lee said...

I love when you find that one thing from your childhood, taht makes your holiday etc. complete!

Lynnae said...

Your post made me all warm and fuzzy. And inspired, because I'm still not done putting out the decorations.
That shot of the choir is great. He looks so grown up.
Merry Christmas Sis!