Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Finds

So, you know I was falling flat for spirit and inspiration last week. I even declared myself officially grumpy and pouted on the couch. I am not sure why. These things do happen.

But, on mommy's day out, I found some great finds that reminded me of the simple things in life

First a stop at the bakery

That lovely heart sugar cookie you see is now probably stuck somewhere between my intestines and my thighs, but it was delicious.

Then surprising find of vintage inspired Valentines

These are made by Punch Studio, and I found them at Barnes and Noble after browsing through all the Somerset Magazines. Is it just me, or is $6.95 for a box of 24 an incredibly great deal? I was a little giddy over that- but after working with my other materials I have for the Valentine swap they aren't quite right. I will hold on to them for the future.

I browsed the aisles of our local thrift store. looking for some fun mismatched china ware. At the local antique store a saucer and tea cup can run $8-$15, and I just don't want to pay that much. I noticed a man with a full cart of various goodies, rummaging the shelves and looking at labels with a magnifying glass. In spite of this "professional" I still scored some great things.

I started stacking these pretties in my cart, not yet sure if I would buy them all or not, when suddenly a woman came up to me, just raving about the plates I found, and how she used to have similar dishes, and she couldn't believe they were just on the general shelf of dishes. That caught the magnifying glass man's attention, and he, too, peered into my cart, and said. "Wow, you have some great finds".

At that point, I decided I would just buy everything I had in the cart (at 50 cents to a buck an item, why not?) and felt pretty happy (although I am not sure why). I must admit, I left them in the car until hubby left for work. He is not the biggest fan of second-hand stores. (if you are reading this i love you babe and love me for who i am)

Now I have a few more pretty pieces to mix and match with my china for our Valentines Brunch Book Club. I love a reason to host!

On the fashion front, this weekend I am drooling all over this Spring line by Chanel. I don't live a life where I would parade around in these beautiful garments, but if I did, I may show up to the next party in this

I got the new app on my iPad and so I now sit and browse the fashion shows whenever I have a minute. It is a great app, if you're into that kind of thing. Perhaps I can beg the dentist to turn up the happy gas and dream myself in the fashion world today while I get my root canal finished.

Wish me luck

and live beautifully today


Kristina P. said...

That skirt is so pretty! I love ruffles.

I think I need to make a Sweet Tooth Fairy stop today.

Connie said...

I love that skirt but unfortunately my hips wouldn't, chick!

Oooooh, honey, we all have those kind of day...uh, weeks, uuuuuuuh, months, trust me. I simply go with the flow until I get my groove back and get on with it. Of course, chocolate can certainly help! I completely understand. Cheers!


Monica said...

We have the same issue in our marriage, but it is my husband and kids that love second hand stores and I refuse to even go along for the ride. They find some amazing deals, but still haven't convinced me.

The Mecham Family said...

Ummmm what bakery!!? That looks delicious!

CarrieAnn said...

I would love to come and shop in the secondhand stores with you! That's the best!

whymsicalmusings said...

AHHH we can dream I would look like a round ball of puff in this but it is nice to dream:)

AND thank you for the show of support! TO ARMS TO ARMS Artists of the world unite against CRAZY CRAZY artists who think they own everything and every idea. The world is a big place and there is room for everyone to share!

As to your cold and crumby temps it is a balmy 3 degrees in Oklahoma this morning but here is the kicker the wind chill (which you don't get in Utah thank your lucky stars...) is -19 BRRR and then I complained about that to my beautiful sister who lives in Wyoming and her temprature this morning is (GET THIS!) -34! No wind chill included!

She is looking for Sid from Ice Age she just knows he is out there

Can you believe this crazy winter!

Sending a hug and another thank you for your kind words.