Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Around the House

Well.....I hit a local antique store after reading about it on another blog. I was feeling a bit bluesy with all the changes of the school year and the drama that kids can bring to it, so I probably was an easy retail target that day. One thing I found that I am in love with is this little weathered parlor chair.

I wanted something with a touch of vintage flair to it that I could set my Diet Coke, iPad, and magazines on when I go for a long soak. (A bath is an escape around here). It is sturdy enough I can use it while slipping on my socks and shoes so it is perfect.

I am still in dire need of more decor around my sanctuary spot!

All the windows in the antique mall reminded me I had a few more in the basement of my old home. I ran home and grabbed one to bring to my new house.

I love the little flakes of blue that survived the high pressure shooting of the hose.

I did have a few other things on this armoire top, but I liked the size of this window better, so I swapped them out. With a few little touches I am liking this one better for the space.

I have added glass ware and bottles to my vintage 'to find' list, now that I have this little place to tuck a few more.

This next corner (I know, not decorated yet! Oh, the possibilities, right?)was one of the selling points of the house. I have always wanted a reading nook of some sort, complete with an outside view and plenty of shelves. This is a little wing in the Master Bedroom area.

Now that I have the space, I just need to add the shelves and outside landscaping to complete my corner! I got a shelf for Mother's Day, but it wasn't here yet when I snapped this photo. Let's call it my "before" photo and I will show you more as I get it done.

This weekend was the first day of our yard clean-up.

Have you ever looked at a pile of weeds and thought "wow...every thing in that pile was pulled by an (aching) hand." This truck full was a lot of work. We probably won't begin our landscaping until next spring, just due to some of the major stuff that needs to be done and we aren't ready to get to it yet.

But I do have my happy place on the porch.

I am anxious to get my house where I want it to be but life is reminding me....it's all about the process.

Little by little, we decorate our life


Kristina P. said...

I really love that window wreath. I saw something like it on a blog and fell in love with it.

Cassie said...

Ramona, your blog is so freaking cute! I love your ideas!

CarrieAnn said...

I'm moving into my new house next week. Please come and decorate for me! I'll be watching for you!

Erin said...

I need to find a sanctuary spot of my own in my home. Fun post!

MaygreenFairies said...

Hey There! Love your blog, your home decor ideas are lovely, very creative! Thanks for sharing. Mandy x

Lee said...

Lovely. My house is a mess, I can't stand it. Ugh.

shannon i olson said...

what a wonderful little display you have created, I love it and your porch heaven! Life is a process...that is the fun part!