Saturday, October 15, 2011

Reduced to Ashes

You may rememebr my post on the recent fire that took the life of this historical building in a nearby town.

The destruction of this building seemed almost surreal,
 as it had such a history and so many memories attached. 
I also think when you have spiritual experiences somewhere it seems to attach you to that place,
make it more significant. 
 So in a way, it hurt to see that beautiful space go down in flames.

For those of you who aren't following recent local news, in our last session of conference a beautiful announcement was made by our prophet and leader, Thomas S. Monson

This building is to be saved.
It is to be rebuilt and restored.
It is not going to be a tabernacle to us anymore, but instead will be a temple.
It is ultimately receiving the highest honor it can have as a building to our people.

A friend wrote this on Facebook page~

"Our life is like the Provo Tabernacle. We're something very good and we are doing well, but God can see what we can truly become. Sometimes it just takes reducing us to ashes in order for Him to build us up again to our true potential. At the time it occurs, we may not understand why we needed to be burned, but in time we will come to see that we have become something even greater then we could have imagined"

(thanks Meghan)

I have been thinking about this a lot.  I have been wondering about the ups and downs, and thinking about the really- I mean really- painful moments. 

I wonder about truly seeing ourselves as a tabernacle of sorts, a vessel,
and seeing our lives truly as more than just day to day surviving

I can't help but wonder who I am supposed to reach
connect with

and I hope I find the strength and the space and the submission
to be what I am supposed to be

Or even the strength to just be better than I am


The Mecham Family said...

Great post!

{marie} said...

Love your thoughts...thank you!

Kristina P. said...

It really is so exciting.

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