Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Young Women Lesson- Your Happily Ever After


This lesson is a great one, one that I feel our Young Women (and grown women, for that matter) really can't get enough of.  I started with the talk "Your Happily Ever After" by Elder Uchtdorf. I decided to print one up for each of the girls, if time permitted we would read various paragraphs from it, letting the girls then discuss each section.  Please go HERE on LDS.org for the talk in it's entire form. If you want to print it you can also do that right from the page there.  I decided to cut and copy the talk, adding clip art to the title.

Discussion topics from the talk: (list their answers on the board, letting the girls see each others responses and giving them time to expound on one another's input)
What are some of the trials you are currently having to face? 

What things require patience to endure at this time in your life? 

What are things you can use to stay true to your divine destiny and remember who you are?

What gospel truths have helped you in your journey?

Our group was particularly interested in this lesson- and I was able to get a copy of the book that was made of this wonderful talk, so I had highlighted a few passages that I wanted to read.  

I found the girls to really enjoy the story of Elder Uchtdorf winning over his wife's affection during their early courtship, and the book has some photos that helped make the story more personal and real.  You can order the book from Deseret Book.   

 By the time I read the passages chosen to fit my class needs and we answered the questions above, we were out of time.  I added of course my journey of finding and working for my "Happily Ever After" (emphasizing of course, this is a life long journey. As long as we are alive we will be tested and swing back and forth between joys and sorrows). 

 I wanted to make 'wedding mints' (the melted chocolates in the temple molds) but wasn't able to get the supplies in time. Instead, I went with "Temple" and heart sugar cookies, which were a hit. The girls walked away with the following:

You can get this cookie cutter HERE from Ldsbookstore.com.  Also, click HERE for my foolproof and favorite sugar cookie recipe. Trust me...... yum.  

We could have spent more time on this, making it an option for a New Beginnings or Girls Camp class if you are looking for ideas for that as well. I hope these resources help you put together a presentation you are happy with as we reach out to these girls, one lesson at a time. 

temple silhouette if desired  for talk header, matching cookie shape

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