Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer Nights in the Park

Me with Parker and Hayden, listening to the concert and being silly. The boys are attending the Spanish Fork Arts Festival for youth, so today was a busy day of shuttling up and down the hill to art, drawing, music and dance (breakdancing) classes. I was worried about all the shuffling, and it was busy for a few hours, but I also took the time to vcacuum and dust (wow..... how bad I needed that) without anyone following behind me to mess things up as I cleaned them. The few minutes of quiet was well worth it, plus the kids came home and Hayden was excited with his sketches- he learned about shading, Parker had to sketch while his paper was taped the the bottom of a desk (Michaelangelo), and Connley is excited about his intro to blugrass guitar. A little something to get you going in the summer is well..... just a gift!

The kids got raffle tickets for prizes at the park concert, and while we didn't win, we still had fun.

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