Sunday, March 29, 2009

What works for you?

Aside from the fact that I need to 'catch up' from my little sabbatical from my home life, I am well aware of the spring cleaning bug that has worked it's way into my system.

There is so much dusting, de-junking, and spiffing up that needs to be done (and I want to do what I can while I have the desire)that I am just hardly even sure where to start.

Things are slightly out of control right now. Windows and laundry and beds and wall marks and handprints and crammed cupboards and closets (My heart is racing just writing this!)
Sure, we fake it enough to get by, but how long can I keep up this facade?

I am looking for any tips, pointers, or any type of inspiration that helps you turn off the TV (or computer) and get up and get a few EXTRA things done. What are your spring jobs that make you feel like you have been productive? (I need that feeling!) Any books or ideas? (I get Flylady e-mails already, but I get so many I kind of skip them all. Huh.)

And of course, if you boycott this sort of thing, well those comments are always welcome, too. They always make me feel better.


karen louise said...

I always, always feel like if I clean and organize a closet, I'm like a new person :) Start might help! :)

Jillybean said...

I buy a big package of ice cream at Costco and use it to bribe my children to do some cleaning. It's amazing what I can get out of them if I promise homemade chocolate sauce to go with the ice cream.
(I might add that this doesn't always work)

Dione said...

I just found a site that looks really interesting - it's (as in Alice the Brady's maid)

It looks like it has lots of good ideas and I'm hoping those ideas help motivate me. . . I just have to get motivated to read it first!

Strawberry Shortcake said...

I just cleaned my house thoroughly this Saturday. I was completely exhausted, and it was the last thing I wanted to do, but the list of things was starring at me from the microwave for all the world to see, and so I knew I needed to do it. I just tried to think of some sort of reward I could give myself after it was all over (which happened to be watching The Office and sleeping since my husband went out with some friends). It was tiring for sure, but totally worth it. My house was clean all that night and for two whole hours the next day ;) But at least I felt better ;)

Kristina P. said...

Well, when it actually feels like spring, and not the dead of winter, I might have some great tips for you.

Shannon said...

Put on loud music and tie on your apron and go for it. When I have my apron on I feel so domestic. Maybe you'll have to make a new apron for inspiration first :) I saw a super cute one I'm going to copy in Lynnae's production of Music Man.

Rindee said...

I think I'm much more motivated if it's a sunny day and I can open the windows, turn on some loud music, and have a list I can check off.
I just printed off a list of deep cleaning (since I had no idea where to start). It's haning on my fridge waiting for the sunny day to show up.
I have the same frustration with Flylady emails. What about de-cluttering your in-box?? All I'd like is one email telling me what i shold focus on that day.
Maybe I'll check out I love Alice.

Brooke said...

I am one who firmly believes that dust is a wonderful protective coating. Why would you remove it?

Bobie said...

I love a sparkling clean floor. I have lots of tile in my house and when the tile floors are clean, I feel happy!! Now only if I could keep it that way.... way too many kids and a dog that loves dirt!!