Friday, October 1, 2010

Spooky Scary Windows

A few years ago I saw this idea in Country Home magazine (moment of silence in remembrance), and used it on my windows for Halloween. This year I am changing it up to make it a little more creepy.

You need to find black butcher paper. I got mine at a local party supply store. You will need enough for all your desired windows that you want to cover, but it can be pieced together as well.

With an exacto knife, cut out any shapes you like

You can trace it first with a white crayon, but I prefer to just free hand it. You can also look at a pumpkin carving book for ideas that won't punch out all the way. Then put it up in your window, covering the entire area with the paper.

This photo shows the effect during the day, as the light comes through.

And at night, a peek from outside, on my porch. Cutout door and dollar store Frankenstein with spooky streamers.

Now, I was able to snag some old creepy movie posters that finished off my scary windows. Video stores are not allowed to re-sell these, so if you know someone who works at a video store you may be able to sweet talk your way to a poster of your own.

Movie posters are designed to hang on a lightbox, so the image is reversed from the other side and light can filter through.
I covered two windows, one on the side and one on the front of my house this way.

The window at night, from outside

I love the creepy look on my old house, and have already had a few people comment on the spooky look.

What spooky look are you trying this year?!


dogsmom said...

This is creepy cool.
Of course in my area people are afraid of my house naturally...

Monica said...

Love the house. I bought a pumpkin candy bowl, that will probably be the extent of my Halloween decorations. Hey, it's a step up from last year.
BTW, what has happened to all of the blogs on your side bars. Your links were great.

ramsam said...

Mike came home to the new windows...I couldn't tell if he liked them or not! said...

So cool!!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

I love these window ideas. I think I might try the black paper and do a design. Thanks for the inspiration.

whymsicalmusings said...

Fabulous Ideas!!! I Love the look I bet your house is the most fantastic one on the block!