Thursday, September 30, 2010

All About Me for Link Party

If you don't peek at Funky Junk occasionally, you are missing out. I loved this link party because I have kind of been lazy on my blog, and so between putting up Halloween decorations and sipping my Diet Coke I decided to play today.

Who am I ?

Messy Hair slightly blurry photo....the best

I am a mother of 3 boys and girlfriend to my hubby. I am artistic, religious, emotional, creative and somewhat fun. I love people, but cherish my alone time, and 40 is within weeks. How did that happen?

Where I live

A small town along the Wasatch Front, in a sweet home that was built in 1906. I walked through the house while pregnant with my first baby, and fell in love. We moved with dreams of fixing up the home to something fabulous....we are still working on those dreams!

What I love about my house

It has a story. It was built by immigrants from Iceland who helped settle the area, and every once in a while someone will knock on my door with a story to tell about the home's history. This shade tree that I have my little table under was planted side by side with another tree by the home owners when two sons went to war. One tree never grew or thrived, while the other sprouted up beautifully, and then the family received word that one son had died at war. They pulled the dead tree out and left this one, still alive, in the yard. symbolizing their surviving son.
When's the last time you heard a story like that at the latest development?

My favorite room
My Dining Room. It also is the home of my computer hutch and piano, so this is the heart of my house. I love it mostly becasue this is where we sit as a family for dinner, where we do homework, where I greet visitors. It isn't fancy, I know that, but it is just so real life.

What I like to DIY

Artsy tidbits and scrapbooks. I am happiest surrounded by photos and paper goods, making a scrapbook, or a charm for a necklace, a book mark, or fun tag for a gift. I tend to stick to small projects so I actually finish them.

I wish I knew how to.....

Be organized. I am a stacker, a saver, a "sure I will need this someday" kind of girl. I force myself to watch "Hoarders" every now and then just to light the fire of desire to purge (it works). But I wish that I had that neat-nik personality. My husband is neat. I am not. I defend my children's messes, and curse myself for not being tidy. I am not sure how to overcome that.

Why I love to blog....

to connect with other people, to write my story, and mostly, to sit back an take an objective look at myself on regular basis. I find it very therapeutic and my blog is a little bit random....but so am I.


Lynnae said...

I love it. Your pictures are so sweet. This looks like a fun link up!
You are also awesome and a cute little sister by the way!

The Pruitt Fam said...

Love the descriptions!, and you are MORE than "somewhat are VERY FUN!"

shannon i olson said...

amazing story on the trees. very sad though. ....mmm see that camera you tooooo!!!!!

Anonymous said...


The story about the tree was so prophetic...could you imagine being that family?

I wish I knew history about this house. It was built by immigrants from Norway....

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Kristina P. said...

I love your house. So much charm.

Funky Junk Interiors said...

What a lovely writeup! The tree story was very powerful. And what I love even more is the fact that you cherish and appreciate it. You can only add to the rich history of your home now.

Thanks for joining the linkup! It was really nice getting to know you. :)

(great tunes BTW!)


Jon said...

My house was built by immigrants from Mexico - a whole crew of them. They planted a mostly empty bag from McDonalds under the stairs during lunch one day during the house-raising and we luckily found it and got it out before they put the drywall up.

SBB said...

Great post, Ramona! And, ahem, you are slightly more than "kind of" fun. Are you serious? I set aside some $$$ for a massage this month, so, you know, maybe I'll get around to it before the end of the year :)

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

Look how cute you are! And what a fun house.

The Mecham Family said...

I love your blog, you and your house. That is a great story!! Since day one of walking through your door, i've been in love with your style. I love the way you've decorated your home and someday wish to copy it. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice to get to know you. I also like the heart of the home, and that may change from day to day.
I always have crafting supplies around but finishing a project is a challenge, and I have spent time with Hoarders marathons on to inspire my cleaning efforts,

slytrifecta said...

Um, you forgot a few descriptive words of yourself....WITTY, FUNNY, TALENTED, BEAYOUUUUUTIFUL, AMAZING, and a REALLY GREAT FRIEND!!!

Laurie at Turner Farm said...

wow, love the story of the tree. Great getting to meet you. Look forward to reading more.