Monday, March 28, 2011

Lovely Teen Sanctuary

I am so impressed with the latest project my little sister and her husband took on recently and I had to share it. They took what was once a dreary, large, unpurposed basement room, and completely made it over to a gorgeous young teen get away.

As you can see the space is already cousin approved, where they can catch the vintage classic HR Puff-en Stuff on DVD. Fabulous.

Here are a few more details along with lessons I learned after visiting the new room.

A pretty place to get pretty. I can't believe how much the canister lighting added to the feel of this space. It isn't quite done yet (a little birdie told me someone is hoping for a cute chandelier in this corner) but it really looks fabulous just as it is. I would have loved this gorgeous spot to get ready every morning. Still would! I think the extra effort it took to add the lighting this way really paid off.

I love this little corner. The decor was mostly picked up at Hobby Lobby. This store is quickly becoming a weekly visit spot for me and my sisters and friends. It is great, and these little touches add so much to the room. You don't have to go expensive on everything you bring into a room, you just have to love it.

Fill the little spaces with little touches.
This windowsill may have gone unnoticed, but is now displaying a positive and inpsiring sentiment. You know I love that! I also love the color of the walls and the drapy, slouchingly romantic curtains.

Another tip here- get the color right. My sister originally painted it a blue she thought she loved, but then once the room was completely painted she realized it wasn't quite what she wanted. She re-painted the whole room to get this finished product. Wow.
I hope I am that ambitious with future projects! But if you don't love the pieces, you won't love the final product.

Finally, this room is also a turning point for my cute niece. Her older sister just moved out with room mates leaving her to be the only one left at home with mom and dad. On my way out I spotted these itty bitty ballet shoes, only a few inches long.

These belonged to my niece that is now all grown up moved out on her own. Too cute too miss. And a bittersweet reminder....the days move make yours the best

savor your day

.... and on that note I am enjoying a homemade, thickly frosted brownie after my workout. hey...I'm only human


Kristina P. said...

I love it! I am going to turn our bathroom into a black and white theme. We are getting new countertops today, which are black, and I bought a large mirror, framed in black, so I'm going to find a really pretty damask shower curtain.

The Mecham Family said...

Looks amazing!

Julianna Hind (Julie Hind) said...

So very beautiful, like the lovely girl that lives in it!

Lynnae said...

Gorgeous!!!! I love it. They did a great job and I'm glad you posted about it. Awesome.

Jillene said...

It's GORGEOUS!! They did a beautiful job!!

Artzy Heart said...

I just visited this room last night and it is sooo gorgeous. Don't you just love the little French touches? The color is so soothing and one of my favorites. You just feel like a little princess when you enter.