Saturday, March 26, 2011

Right Place, Right Time

I am actually almost in tears of joy that I have a moment, just a moment to sit down and blog. We are getting closer and closer to being completely out of the old house and into the new one. There are still closets and storage areas to empty, but for the most part we are out. I am happy to be back.

Once in a while you receive the happy gift of just walking in to a store and suddenly finding the thing....the one thing that you would have dies without but didn't know it. The one thing that makes the whole day of trudging around worth it. You know what I am talking about. For me, it was this funky fun sign.

I am slightly obsessed with positive words and sayings on signage, and I am many is too many for one room?

Next I spotted this amazing clock- slightly out of my budget, but hey, it's easier to ask forgiveness than permission, right?

Okay decor experts- don't fret at the height of the clock's placement. I am in search of a beautiful shelf, like one my sister picked up last year at Tai Pan, to go under this clock which I can stack with favorite photo prints. It may be a long journey.

I am in so IN LOVE with this scrunchy comfy couch and the fact that it is always cleared and clean and waiting for a guest. (A luxury I have never had before)

A close up of the decorative pillow that came with the couch.

Is it reasonable to buy an entire couch for one pillow?

Finally a moment to brag......

I bet my dishes are shinier than yours.

(again, same sister as the one with the awesome shelf ~ If you want to absorb her everyday knowledge and greatness follow this LINK to her blog) She sent me to a website that sells dish detergent that has been able to remain effective in spite of the ever looming EPA and it's ridiculous ideas. They sell commercial grade detergent that still contains phophates, so it is actually effective at removing spots and food from your dishes. I actually thought the milk in the bottom of my glasses wasn't getting rinsed well enough after my dishes started all turning white. That is a problem no more.

'Boo' on ridiculous regulations from the ridiculous EPA. How is excessively rinsing my dishes, even rewashing them, or using extra detergent helping the environment? Please. 'Nuff said on that.

We are settling in. I am taking more photos and will share more soon, but getting situated has been a long and grueling process ( please remind me to never move again!). I am still very nervous about putting holes in my walls and trying to figure out where I want to place things. Some of the rooms are slightly empty, which is no fun to see in pictures, so you will just be on this journey with me as we slowly fill the home. Help me be patient!

Until next time

Feather your nest beautifully


Lee said...

I'm off to buy some of that detergent!! I'm glad you're enjoying your new house.

CarrieAnn said...

I am a sucker for those cool signs, too. I can never decide which one I like the most, so I never pick one. I don't think I could resist throwing myself on that couch, though!

Connie said...

I'm "spot on" with getting rid of the EPA and those ridiculous detergents of theirs, sugar. THEY DON'T WORK!!!Neither do those spiral light bulbs. I buy the regular ones still and know of a source on the internet to continue to buy "regular" ones and will continue to do so.

I love your little end comment: "Feather your nest beautifully" and try to do so for our home.


ramsam said...

Connie- I agree!
Mercury free lightbulbs are the only way to go! Please e-mail me your website ;-)

Kristina P. said...

I am on a curtain mission today. My spending is out of control too!

Lynnae said...

Your posts make me so happy. It's like hanging out with you for a little bit. I love to see the new house coming together.
You are right, that furniture is SO you!
Thanks for the link too!

Miss Tiff said...

Your house looks so awesome. I am officially jealous. I can't wait to get back to decorating, painting, and all that fun stuff. I need to visit so I can sit on that couch!

Artzy Heart said...

Everything is coming together in such a lovely way. My favorite are those two chairs....LOVE them! Your blog looks beautiful...
a lot like your new space. And you.XXOO

Jon said...

So glad the new (old) detergent is working for you too. It seems like such a small thing, but it is actually a relief to open the dishwasher and see that nice old shine we were all used to. It's what separates us from the animals!