Monday, April 11, 2011

If you love it, keep it

I have heard several times that you don't need to worry about everything matching, you just need to love what you have. I am not sure if all decorators would agree with that, but I am finally learning as a grown up to quit buying things just to 'fill the space' and wait for something I love.

Before hanging up my WELCOME sign ( that I have adored for a couple of years dangling on my old porch) I realized it was a very stark white, and the letters I touched up last summer were almost too perfect. It looked out of place on my new porch, so I decided to mess it up a little.....

This is one of those times when the result looks better than I had pictured it.

I just wanted it to look darker, but the smudgy stain started to look like natural wood, with the painted finish looking like old vintage chipped paint. I can not wait to get it up on my porch now!

And since I am still gathering (hoarding) things I love to look at and to group and display everywhere possible, I had no room to make my husband put away his eye candy either, so we kept the best of his collection in the antique crates for display in the "man room"

constant dusting aside (isn't that what kids are for?) I am happy with the way everything came together

This fun gas tank reminds me of one that is in my great-grandparent's past, so I am especially happy to see it on these shelves.

I am going to find a way to bring this photo into the space.

A reminder of a simpler time....

but no less enjoyment for the day we live in today

especially when we surround ourselves with things we love

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Kristina P. said...

It looks so great! And well, welcoming. :)

Lee said...

Your hosue is really coming along nicely. Ours has sort of been in limbo for awhile, but I'm getting recharged and starting to hang thigs, etc.

Deneen said...

Love it! I just did a sign too! Come visit me!
I am your newest follower!

sandee said...

Awesome blog! Saw you attached to mine and thought I'd come and visit. As one mom of three boys to another, I wouldn't trade it for the world (although a little girl to dance with would be awesome.....)