Sunday, April 17, 2011

Silly Things

by Curly Girl Designs

"It just seems silly to me, that's all "

This is my husbands response to a girl's over night book club.

I have the best book club, with the best ladies, and we have the best talks. We hit Park City for mexican food (my favorite), lots of chocolate, lots of shopping, and endless talking. I am not kidding, we stayed up until 2am. We discussed our books, we discussed our lives, we discussed religion. I am inspired by the determined and caring women I know.

Even though a man may not have the need for a night away to feel recharged, every single one of us women relished it. On the way home my mom and I stopped into a local little shop called Cherry Lane that we both had been dying to see. (We were probably always with our husbands so we figured we would go later).

It was eye candy and feminine dreaminess of the highest degree.

Wall to wall filled with frills, sparkles, handbags, scents, and more to fill your silly girl dreams up to the brim. My mom bought a gorgeous pink handbag.

Fans of vintage inspired, shabby chic sweet, beauty supplies and stationary will not be disappointed by this little shop. I grabbed a tote (to replace my grubby one that tends to be my favorite) and a few cards, including the Curly Girl one above that hit ironically close to home for me.

If you are in the area for Conference, graduation, skiing- whatever- and you are near Provo this is a little shop you might not want to miss.

As much as I love to escape for a day or two, all it takes is stepping into the house to be reminded my duties await. I have to just get back to work and be grateful for the time I had with the girls.

Before bed I snuck in a little more girliness.

Me and my mermaid soak in bubbles to soothe our sleepless night woes away. Did I mention I love my new giant tub?

Anyway..... I am glad I can believe in what may be silly to another

if you don't want to see me be silly

close your eyes


Kristina P. said...

I would love a soaking tub. And that place looks just like your kind of store!

Connie said...

I'll try to stop over in Provo and see that store next time we're in Utah. Ooooh, chick, please recommend some good books. I am so into mysteries, espionage, spy that I think I could join the CIA if they let 70 year old women in. I've been looking for recommendations for all kinds of books though. Recommend!!!

Ooooh, tell that silly hubby that it's a "girl thing" and just deal with it! Mine does.


slytrifecta said...

I love the mermaid!!!

Artzy Heart said...

Sweet blog! I was just starting to post my own bookclub blog when I saw that you had a new post, so I had to check it out...I may "borrow" a picture of Cherry Lane to post with my others. I LOVE your sign!!!

Monica said...

Cherry Lane is pretty much amazing. During November and December I was there every Saturday morning on my way honme from the gym. I always went with plans to get someone else a gift but usually walked out with a little something for myself as well. I'm glad you discovered it.

Lynnae said...

Cherry Lane looks lovely! I hope I have time to stop in when I'm in town. I loved your post. I have had so few 'girls nights' in my adult life. I could really use one now and then.