Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mini Disaster

I guess you can call it a disaster.
I hate to do it, because it could have been so much worse, but it still shook me up pretty good.

We had a pipe burst in our basement.

This was my pride and joy just a few days ago

My very own crafting corner.
It was my sanctuary filled with all my favorite treasures
and goodies acquired in trades.
I was so happy about my space!

This is how my space looked when I got called home from the water park yesterday
(thank heavens a thousand times over my son stayed home and was here when it happened)

my drawers, my jars, my baskets and totes, all filled with water

I panicked, no doubt about it.
The pictures are so random because I was sobbing as I took them.
Hubby is out of town this week and I had no idea how I was going to conquer an entire basement of sopping wet boxes and books and supplies.
I didn't realize my sisters were on their way, and they took control of the situation and started setting things out to dry immediately.

I thought it was mostly my crafting goods, but everything was soaked in our entire basement. As we started emptying boxes we found the harsh truth....pictures. Lots of pictures. And numerous scrapbooks from my wedding and first years of marriage, my first baby being born.... I was losing it. My sisters stayed focus and set to rescuing it all.

We hung pages and laid pictures out carefully...a neighbor stopped by to see what was happening and bless her heart,she shed tears with me as we pulled my husband's photos from his mission he served over 20 years ago out of a sopping wet album.

Even sealed bags and containers were filled with water

These photos do not have digital copies, and I really had no idea they were stashed away with my craft supplies. It broke my heart to see them laying out as the sun started to go down, hours after we started the process.

In the garage things sat over night trying to dry out and wait for me to make sense of what can be saved.

Another thing that upset me was to see so many of my books ruined. They were like sponges, swollen and sopping, and just fell apart when you tried to move them. My favorite, marked up, well loved copy of Atlas Shrugged completely fell apart today when I tried to open it.

I am not sure if my crying is symbolic, therapeutic or even normal anymore....
I just keep losing it.

In case you wonder what a girl like me looks like on the morning after a day like yesterday wonder no more.

Bags under the eyes, greasy hair, blotchy skin....it is my badge of honor today.

And even though we lost a few precious things

(this bubbled picture is one of the few baby pics I have of my husband)

We saved hundreds and hundreds pictures and pages all together.

Today I pulled my 'baby blanket' out of a wet box I hadn't got to yet...I am so relieved with all the important things we have found just in time.

I can't complain in spite of the sadness. We are so blessed, we have so much... my heart actually aches for people who lose everything....EVERYTHING to a natural disaster.
My sisters and my kids and my neighbor made what would have taken me days take only hours to salvage and sort. I am so grateful to them for their help.

I hope I am blessed to remember this moment and help others more in the future.
Even standing beside someone or saving one thing for them is a gift.
I believe we will need it more in the days to come.

I hope others may blessed as I was in my time of panic and need.


Vanessa said...

My heart goes out to you! I am so sorry. I would have lost it as well.

Hang in there!

Cathy said...

I almost cried seeing your sad face. I miss that face. So sorry Ramona. Ugh my throat aches looking at all those memories and then aches more for joy, thinking of how how werevable to save so much and how cute your sisters are. Hang in there.

{marie} said...

OH, my heart aches for you....BUT, Pictures are pictures even with the bubbles and watermarks. You will still have them. BIG HUG from me to you!

karen louise said...

Oh, Ramona! Im so sorry this happened to you! I know how precious pictures are...memories....Im thinking of u!!

Lee said...

Thank goodness for your sisters! What a shame. hugs

Rindee said...

Ramona, I am so sorry. Know that I am shedding tears for your loss as well. Books and pictures are such treasures, especially when there are memories and emotion tied to them. I am so glad you were able to salvage so much.

Just SO said...

I am so sorry! This just makes me so incredibly sad. I'm so glad that you had such good people around you to come and help you salvage the things that you could. ((Hugs))

TJ said...

Oh Ramona, I am so, so sorry. Such precious things to have get damaged. I know I would have been a mess, I'm glad you had help. I think I'll go check all my stuff now and make sure it is safe. I'm glad you were able to save so much.

Monica said...

I can't do anything to help, but I am crying with you - literally. Thinking of the pictures and the books, oh the books, just hurts my heart. Sending all my happy thoughts your way.

Lynnae said...

It was so very sad. I'm glad you were able to save so much and had sisters and neighbors to help.
Love you!

The Mecham Family said...

I'm sending you a hug! Can you feel it!?
You are such an amazing person, I'm so sad to see this happen to you. I don't know how I would be able to handle that.
Thank goodness for your amazing sisters- All I know is your parents raised incredible children, I've never met a Burton girl I didn't LOVE!
I hope you are able to still save your precious memories as you continue on. :)

ramsam said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you.... getting on my comments and checking Facebook was my therapy the last few days...

i love my online support group!

sandee said...

I just saw this post and my heart sank. But I love how you put it all in perspective. the most important things in this world that you treasure the most are safe and sound. We can always replace things, but never our family.

I sure hope things have dries out OK and that you're back in business in your studio (min's in the basement as well. Believe me, I live in the same fear...)