Monday, September 8, 2008

Not Again!

Well, I guess we can celebrate that we made it 2 months without a broken window. This morning I was doing my dishes as the kids were loading up their back packs for the day.

Hayden was complaining about his sore finger (I had already applied a fresh band-aid to the scratch), probably to get out of going to school today.

Parker started in with the teasing by quoting from "Charlie Bit Me" on You Tube.... "Ouch!" he mimicked in a surprisingly good English accent..." really hurts, and it's still hurting!"

Sadly I will admit, as usual , I tuned this all out. If I let this register, it would simply drive me to drink. The next thing I heard was shattering glass. Hayden had thrown his shoe at Parker, who dodged it, scooped it up, and threw it back. It went over Hayden's head and into my front window- right beside my front door. Please refer to this post for the broken window, right next to it.

What does this mean? Should I be mad (I am) should I be happy- Parker loves sports- obviously he has a good arm..... should I get in my car and drive away? Here I am wanting to improve things (read below post) and they are destroying them.

To top it off I called Mike to tell him and ..... he laughed. He apparently understands boys better than I do. Sometimes I wonder why I bother!


Adam and Kristina said...

Wow, you have a much better attitude about it than I would! But, what can you do, I guess.

I'm thinking lots and lots and chores.

Jillene said...

Man oh man! I think I would have blown the roof off the house. I have a temper...a bad one (thanks a lot dad). I try to be calm, I pray to be calm but most of the time I just scream (I am a horrible mother).

That is SUCH a boy thing though. My son throws everything and I mean everything. We have had many a broken thing around here because of my son and hubby...yes, my hubby is just as bad! This is why I can understand your hubby laughing...mine would too.

I think it is some man club thing...when your son breaks something, or pee's on something (I posted about that today) or outside it is like the best thing they have ever heard! Oh to be so easily pleased! (0:

Christy said...

I too have three boys. Luckily only one is old enough to fight. And he does plenty of that with his sister. I don't know how you kept your cool. Like the person above, I am a yeller. Our house is loud all the time because we are all yellers, even the two year old. Thankfully the baby is too young to yell yet.
I think that it's amazing that you didn't kill one of the boys or run away and leave them to get to school on their own. I think that makes you a GREAT mom. Be proud of how you handled that today!

Miss Tiff said...

That is so sad. And yet kind of funny. Are you going to make him earn the money to pay for it?

Do you remember throwing balls around at the house growing up and we'd always try to avoid hit the "statue Lady" on the mantle? Me and Brooke broke it once. But we glued the arm back on.

Miss Tiff said...

One more thing. Because of this incident, even if you can't do number 3 on your list, "Improve your surroundings", you can still achieve number 4, "Laugh with someone!"

The Raybould Family said...

Yikes. I read your other post and having him pay half was a GREAT idea.

I threw a ball into the neighbors yard and went over the fence to get it. When I threw it back I heard a massive shatter... I jumped over the fence and I had broken the entire glass plane on our sliding class door...

I don't remember my punishment or if I even had one.

One of my brothers shot a BB through that same glass door just months before. Went all the way through, even a hole in the curtain.

We laugh about it now. :)

The Raybould Family said...

glass.. not class.... oopsey

ramsam said...
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ramsam said...

Yes, Parker will be paying for half of the window. That really worked with Hayden's bad habit.
I felt so bad for Parker, his little face was so sad and just went pale, I made him call dad to tell him, he got the voice mail *phew*.

As far as improving my home I made myself feel better by buying a cool fall wreath (40% off) and hanging out front on my plnanter hook- so cute! Very nice improvement...draws the eye away from the shattered front window.

Shannon said...

Sweet. I love the idea of a wreath as a distraction. Do you think they'd look good layed out allover my carpet?

So is this the SAME one that broke before? Poor little Parker. I hate seeing nephews get in trouble. I remember when Thomas broke the glass above the door in that house they were renting. I started crying when he got in trouble.

CB2 said...

I'm so sorry that I laughed out loud... oh you are tagged on my blog

ramsam said...

so glad you laughed.... you helped me fill my goal #4 in previous post.

A little laughter every day.....

Brittany said...

Oh man! I think when you have boys you need a sign in the house that says "_____ days without a broken window."

Kind of like trailer parks that have a sign that says "____ days without a tornado."