Monday, September 5, 2011

Antiquing for our anniversary

After a summer of busy travels and lots of football madness we decided to stay close for our anniversary. I introduced my hubby to the idea of a stay-cation, and we decided to hit a great historic shopping district not too far from here. 

If you ever get a chance to visit Gardner's Historic Village give yourself a few hours and explore freely.
In the old mill at Archibald's Restaurant original gears and products are on display and woven into the shopping experience. 

I adored the different sections of decor and ideas

Love the signs and colors

The painted wood walls and cottage looks were lovely

The shops range from decor to Victorian clothing to toys and whimsy.  

We ended up with a few exciting things.

This super cool repurposed shelving was a MUST in my husband's eyes

I fell for this romantic mini dress (okay, think sweater tights and high boots????)
but that's not all..
the dress form was also on sale, because the store was closing to become a restaurant.

I can't wait to shabby that baby up and use it around the place!

We added a few necessary accessories to the hutch and we're ready to go

On the way home we stopped at another great consignment store called Home Again.

It was beautiful also, with a lot of great priced items.
We ended up grabbing a few more little things from there,
but we were pretty worn out at this point.

On the home front we have a new little friend to keep the kids busy...

so all was well for our day of celebration.

I kind of liked having a day to shop and enjoy each other's company some place far enough
to be 'away', but close enough to not cost much to get there.

I highly recommend the stay-cation shopping day.

Marriage has it's rewards, right???


Kristina P. said...

Have you ever been to the Home Again consignment store? You would love it. It's around the corner from Gardner's.

Lynnae said...

It sounds wonderful. I think it's great that you got the dress AND the dress form. Double find!

Lee said...

Oh, that shelf is to die for. So's the dress. Dang, I need help with my wardrobe. I am not much of a frou-frou type, even though it's LOVELY. Enjoy the kitten!