Thursday, September 15, 2011

Religious Print Redo

I had an empty wall above my piano that I recently filled and have enjoyed the result...

Last year we had the privilage of viewing many of Carl Heinrich Bloch's religious works at a local university.
The paintings were all stunning, and  I have had this framed print for some years.

My dad found it at a yard sale and bought it, and I was able to buy it off of him.
( he tends to get a little overstocked from yard sales and second hand stores)

It came in a gold frame, which has never done much for me.

I covered the glass (it looked complicated to pull it all apart, so I took the lazy way out)
and then I just used acrylic paint on the frame.

I really liked the sort of scratchy look that I got with one coat, so I left it at that.

It did take some dabbing and work to get the paint into the etched designs on the frame's edge,
 but it was easy and the paint dried quick.

The frame was dry and ready to hang in about 30 minutes.

After passing an empty wall for months in our new house I am actually pretty happy to have a little
new spot that feels like home.

And the vinyl wall phrase as a constant reminder isn't bad either.....

may you be inspired to
create a space today


Lynnae said...

Your wall looks so beautiful, just like the rest of your house. You really have one of the most lovely and inviting houses I've ever been in.

It always inspires me to pull things together a little more in mine.

Kristina P. said...

Jesus looks very happy there.

just nikki said...

Love it! You're so good at house decorating!