Friday, November 18, 2011

Love in Blog land

Before I dive in and show off my recent box of treasures from a lovely give away let me give you some back ground.  My sister brought over an issue of Somerset in Love, years ago. It was filled with gorgeous images and creations that made crazy.  To my giddy happiness it included info about the artists.  I started clicking around online to connect with a few of these women and learn more.

One artist in particular, Lee, was kind enough to answer back.  Her blog is full of everyday life and lovely images, as well as artistic endeavors.  She was an everyday mom making art and living the dream on the side.  I love it.  She is kind enough to feature links to other worthy bloggers and occasionally shower us with give aways.  She shares the ups and downs of life, making and creating the home you dream of, and much more.
I highly recommend her blog to your reading list....

BUT I entered a giveaway, and to my luckiness, I won.  My package of random treasures came today- ( I am especially excited, as I am trying to replenish my stash after the flood in my creative space!).

so many lovely things to stir creativity (thinking of Christmas tags and ornaments?)

how amazing are these sweet little bottles of glitter?

I am such a sucker for ephemera and vintage trinkets!

I believe I was shown some serious love in the world today
Thanks Lee!

A few other things around and about today

my thankful shelf

rustic turkey perched on Great Grandma's hand stitched kitchen towel

I swallowed my fear and painted this old chair for a shabby chic accent piece

found a doll with a definite history at the antique mill
(hubby didn't even blink an eye when I picked it up to buy it)

we also picked up old crates for stacking and storing
not sure if they will stay this way, but for now I am enjoying my corner

My oldest son went on his first "real" date and is now driving to school on his own
(on the right)
God will surely tire of hearing my voice now! (*H*E*L*P*!)

Life is moving fast

 I hope I can remain present

thank you for stopping by


Hillary said...

Wow that's a great prize. Can't wait to see all of your house changes next week.

CarrieAnn said...

First date?! Aaaaaand he let you take a picture?! When I went on my first date, I wouldn't even allow the guy to come to my house...I just knew my mom would embarrass me. (I was right!)

Lee said...

Gld you enjoyed tha box!! I love picking out stuff to pass on. It's so easy to hoard stuff.... hahaha!!

It will be years before my boys date- but I hope the girls are as cute as the ones your boys picked out!!

Mimi said...

Love these vintage style images.

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