Friday, November 11, 2011

The Right to Peacably Assemble

How can we watch what is happening and not speak up?
Or is it easier to turn off the news and tell yourself you just can't handle it
We have to handle it
We have to speak

I am a believer in individual rights
In the pursuit of the things you love

What is wrong with this sign?

When you say "We Are One"
apparently that means if have been raped, or if you have been beaten
or if you have had someone steal your laptop (ironically a symbol of the thing you are protesting against)
you can't get help...
Because your need then ruins the cause of The ONE.

In all my days of attending rallies
and meeting other like minds
I have never seen a supply list like this

How is this okay with the donors (political highly in nature that I
am not getting into now), the media (mostly ignoring it)
and the people who think this is a good thing?

The irony of the people there....

Honestly, if they succeed in killing corporations
we lose so many great things that America is all about.

I have been reflecting on teaching my kids about freedom

Listening to local leaders speak, meeting other families
casually enjoying a children's choir, honoring
military and singing the national anthem

No threat of fighting
No drug use
No rapes, sex in tents, or even worse
(Are we up to 7 now with the last shooting in the recent 'protests')

What I saw was hundreds of thousands of people
exchanging hugs, handshakes, and e-mail addresses
The feeling was warm and inspiring

much different than what I see on current 'occupy protests'

I met examples at Mt. Vernon

and breathed in the spirit of freedom and humility

in memory of people who knew what it meant to sacrifice
I had to post today

We may agree that corruption has tainted an excellent system,
but we must uphold our system
we must honor freedom
we must wake up and speak

And I am thankful for my freedoms

what is left of them

think about it today
and don't be afraid to speak


Diana said...

This is a wonderful post. Thank you so much.

I also wanted to add that just about every picture I see of Occupy Where- ever most of the protesters have smart phones so it is okay to support those corporations apparently.

Lee said...

Great post, great points.