Monday, February 4, 2013

Stockpile Challenge, Week 2

Quick post continuing with the Moms By Heart Stockpile Challenge.

Here's a quick recap: use your clipped coupons, store deals, and clearance items to slowly build a stockpile of good in your home, spending 10 dollars at a time.  The goal is to have enough goods that  will last until the next sale or great deal, so you end up multiplying your supplies while spending less.

Here is my photo of this weeks 10 buck grab. ( I was a little excited about this)

Before I break it down I must say this- my boys LOVE the AXE body wash, but it is usually around 6 bucks a pop, so I don't get it unless I can find a sale. Two of those alone usually break $10.  I was excited about this find!

Shopped at Fresh Market (This includes a $5.00 rebate at checkout on Unilever products)
AXE body wash $2.99 ea : Coupon, buy two get one free (scanned minused $3.49) spent $5.48
Degree deodorant $1.99 ea  ($.75 off coupon) spent $2.48 on two
Ragu Spaghetti Sauce $.89 ea - (no coupon used) spent $2.67

grand total $10.63 (remember, I had some change left over from last week)

Now because there were several really good deals in the store I bought more then what's pictured above, but I went in the mindset to see how far I could make 10 bucks go, and did a few great sets like what's pictured above. 

Keep clipping those coupons and go for the extra stash above and beyond what you are buying to get you through the week.  It adds up!


Lee said...

I hope to do more of this when we gte a hosue again. Right now it is just too hard.

Hillary Steckler said...

Love this, and can't wait to have more room (and money) to do something like this.