Thursday, January 3, 2008


I know every mom thinks her kids are the cutest, but apparently so do a few other people.... Not long after I snapped this picture of my boys I noticed tourists (and oriental toursits especially) circled around my children and started taking their photo. They were taking so many pictures, and the boys were so cute to stop and smile and pose (and be hams). Once they noticed we were laughing about it the boys had people sitting by them, smiling, and getting photos with them. It turned out to be a little joke for us, and I kept saying.. "Wow! You guys are famous!" Parker and Hayden said several times later, "That was so wierd when everyone wanted to take our pictures so much!" Mike was laughing (after serving a mission in Japan) he just said.... "well, you're American, their are 3 of you , you're cute, and you are being funny. That gives them lots of reasons to take a picture!"

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