Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Innocence of a Child

During the holiday season decorating is always a big, but exciting task. I love to hear the children exclaim year after year.."Oh! I remember this!" as we open each box of Santas, Nativities and Christmas books and games. This year, as I was decorating the tree I heard HAyden and Parker talking as we emptied our decoration bins. Parker said... "Hayden, do you believe in Santa?"
"Yeah" Hayden answered, calm and cool.
"Well you have to believe in SAnta to get presents, anyway" said Parker. Of course I quipped in with one of my favorite Christmas spirit quotes... "Those who believe- receive." I said.
Suddenly Parker got a twinkle in his eye and said, "I think I know who Santa is."
"Who?" I asked, my heart feeling a bit of anticipation.
"Jesus." he said, very child like. "I mean, they both have beards, they can fly around, they live in the sky, and, like, Jesus wants us all to be happy and stuff so he would give us presents."
I couldn't help but giggle at his rationalization and his excitement. I said to him softly, "Well, Jesus defintiely wants those things.. but I have a feeling He is doing so much in heaven that he may not be Santa. But, " I told him,"Santa is here to remind us of Jesus and help us love eachother, so in a way, you are kind of right."
Later I was sharing this story with my sisters, and an embarassed Parker insisted he didn't say all of that.... but for me, it was one of my favorite Christmas moments this year, reminding me of the innoncence and excitement that makes Christmas extra special for a child.

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