Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Winter Trip back East

Michael had training in Philly so we pulled the kids from school and hopped on the plane to join him. It was our first time flying as a family, and surprisingly one of Santa's elves delivered special packages to us the night before we left- 2 new portable DVD players and a new camera for mom, plus DS games for the boys. These things really blessed us in our travels and waiting at the airport. The time flew by!

We hit things quickly and saw as much as we could in our few short days, including The Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, The Statue Of liberty and Ellis Island, Times Square at night, Washington DC monuments and temple, and the Holocaust Memorial (wow- so intense). Mike then trained for 3 days and me and the boys enjoyed a sunny indoor pool and hot tub with Christmas music piping loud and clear. It was so great! Nothing is as sweet and doing cannonballs while singing "Feliz Navidad". I had much needed downtime and actually read 2 entire books and started a third one.... layed in the sun (through the windows, of course), slept in, and we all saw Alvin and the Chipmunks. It was so fun.... I was glad we decided to go. What a great Winter Memory!

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