Friday, May 2, 2008

Blissfully Busy

Can I just say..... Florida is the best! A few years ago Mike and I went for a quick vacation while he worked a couple of days. I remember telling him..."We have got to come back and bring the boys!" Little did I know I set a plan in motion for what would be the funnest 2 week vacation I have had with my boys yet. We hopped from the beach to Sea World to Universal Studios to Aquatica to Islands of Adventure and Busch Gardens. We screamed our lungs out, guzzled soda under the hot sun, Made eye contact with Spiderman, fed and pet the dolphins, soaked our bones on rapid rides, made bubbles and felt a (simulated) earthquake and tornado, and ran after a ride through the exit only to get back inline to ride it again and again (like kids). I seriously felt my eyes stinging as we got on the plane to come home. Connley rolled his eyes... "dad, mom is going to cry" but really, who does this? Who has 3 hilarious boys and such a sweet husband and vacations for 2 weeks for spring break? I do! Now you understand my tears.


kris&cathy said...

Yipppeeee! You updated your blog and made my day. Haha. You look beautiful, as usual, Miss Payson :) That trip sounds so amazing. Two weeks? No fair. Tell Mike and the kids I say hi...oh yeah, and tell Parker you guys can come visit ANY TIME you want. I would LOVE it. Love you guys.

julie said...

You have a darling family. That trip to Florida sounds amazing! That's what we've been wanting to do for a long time. If you had any weight gain from that trip, then it was worth every moment!

Thanks for your nice comments. Keep me posted on your progress, and I'll let you know, too! Julie