Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fighting 40

Soooo..... the big day is here. I was wondering if it would feel weird, you know, old, to be turning 40. The only weird thing about it is I still feel so childish some days. Oh well.

This is how I turn 40

Get up and go running here
My favorite place to knock off 3 miles.

Order a little somethin-somethin from Hammering Redhead on ETSY
I picked my little ones initials for my own admiring. Her jewelry is the kind of stuff you see other people wear and feel jealous.. That will be ME when it arrives. (thanks Melanie for the nice correspondence, too!)

Break down and get the hair you have wanted all your life
Courtesy of REMY hair extensions.
these things.

Get a thrill in Las Vegas seeing Phantom (amazing, amazing, amazing) and riding the Big Shot on the Stratosphere during my girls only weekend

Lest you think the ride is not scary, please look again. Pay attention to my horrified face.

I guess a picture is worth a thousand words (or laughs, in my case) after all.

(for the record, my pants stayed dry, so I am not as old as I sound)

And that is how I am fighting (or not so much fighting, but relishing) turning 40. Hope I am having this much fun 40 years from now, too.


Kristina P. said...

You seriously look 25.

ramsam said...


hug hug hug

Lynnae said...

No kidding! I agree!!!!
And I have to say, the past couple years since 40 have been SO much better, I would not go back to 30, that's for sure. I've felt better, I'm a lot wiser, and I've learned more about myself.
So Enjoy!
And Happy Birthday Sis.

Dione said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Pretty Ramona!

CarrieAnn said...

You look beautiful! I think you're amazing! Happy birthday!

Just SO said...

Happy Birthday! You do look fabulous. And I'm pretty sure my pants would not stay dry on that ride.

slytrifecta said...

Happy Birthday....we need to celebrate! And for the record you will never actually be 40.....too young, too hip!!!

Steph @ Diapers and Divinity said...

happy happy birthday, RamSam. :)

ramsam said...

Oh baby!!!! It is here, and today when I went running my lower back was kind of achy......is that an instant sign of age?

Thanks everyone!

MosaicMagpie said...

Happy Birthday!!!
What a fun time you had!

Monica said...

It all loks great except for the Big Shot. I did that once, on the millenium New Years Eve, and still get scared thinking about it. At least the other people with you look like they are having fun. We looked at our picture and decided that no way would we want evidence of all of looking completely terrified.
It's not anywhere close to my birthday, but now I am wanting some new jewelry.

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday! I would have NEVER guessed 40. You look amazing.

Melanie Rossi said...

Thank you so much for the nice things you said! You are right, it is fun to make new bloggy friends! Enjoy that cute necklace...I LOVE mine!

Lisa said...

You do not seem like your 40. But what is a number... it's how you feel right? SOmedays I feel 65.

Soooooo jealous you saw Phantom....

Melanie said...

You are too sweet Miss Ramona,
I hope you see that necklace one day. Thank you for including me on your blog.

Shahbaz said...

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Katherine ( Katie) Corrigan said...

Fabulous forty! Happy Belated birthday,looks like a joy filled celebration. I turned "50" on Nov 1st. Still waiting for the celebration...giggle
Enjoyed my visit to your blog. Hugs!