Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Family Photos & Christmas Cards

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all in blogland.

Found this cute layout on ETSY and for a few bucks I bought the template.
Drag in drop in my own program, and we were ready to print.
Every year I look forward to the cards that greet me in the mail, and they hang well into January on my wall. Last year I declared my cards a nuisance, and skipped the whole process. (ok, I made a computer print out to send replies to any card I got, but it was lame.) I was surprised how much I missed the correspondence and responses in regards to my cards, so this year I did them early.

Pictures are the key, however.... and we got some good ones this year.

The boys, in tough guy mode......

Me and my guy
all edited up in a photo I am loving....

Plus more of the kiddos
My oldest- looking way too grown up
and way too cool

My super-teen-middle-child
He is finding his own
and embracing his style, which I think is great

My baby, who is not a baby at all.
Why must you all grow so fast?

I was lucky to have my sweet sister-in-law take my photos for me
(locals send me a message if you want some too. She is GREAT)
and she took what we had on a blustery cold day and made magic.

Can't wait to get them up on the walls and enjoy them all.

She took a few candids of my boys while they were goofing off at the park,
 and one caught my son's eye, so he gave it a makeover for his own use.

I love what he did to it! (note: let your kids edit their own stuff!)

And finally another of the boys, my personal favorite

I can't get enough of those faces. (hug kiss hug kiss)

If you need family pictures...JUST DO IT!
you will thank yourself later

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