Friday, January 25, 2013

Growing out a Bob

You may remember my happy bob that switched up my hair after a long streak of long hair

It was a great change, and I loved playing with the highlights my hairdresser added-
but the short stacking in the back  made it hard to pull back.
I prefer a ponytail when I work, and the back layers looked great, but weren't super flexible.

I had it very long in the front, with one strand longer on the right side only for an asymmetrical touch.

After a year and half, I was ready for a shift...and ready to grow the back out.
My hairdresser thought it would be fun to add ombre melt aways, while we slowly matched the back to the front.  I loved the first cut!

Although it felt shorter, because I lost my long, detached pieces in the front of the A-line, the look with
the blended ombres was so fun- and quicker at the salon to accomplish.
I celebrated with a pic on Instagram that hit Pinterest and Twitter all at once (not bad for an old gal).
I even spent a few days leaving it naturally curly. My lifeling quest is to come to terms
with all the natural curl.  Someday.

Last month I postponed my hair appt (yikes) because the length in the
back has finally passed the collar of my shirt.
A huge milestone in the growing out phases of a serious stacked A-line. I want to give it
another month to get a bit more length before I trim the edges and shape it again.
The ombre highlights are still here...and I love them.

You may not see that big of a change, but in the back some of these layers have grown two inches or more, and it still has a style that feels fun and fresh.
The ombre highlights are more dramatic with a little more length of the darker shade.
(so easy to touch up to cover gray hairs.....I am in love with that).
Curls created by wrapping hair around a curling wand from Sally's Beauty Supply.
Major love how the wand curls look.

See that silky, shiny hair?
Let me say I did a coconut oil treatment on my hair
as demonstrated here on How Does She. ( great blog!)
(Basically slather on 100% coconut oil, kitchen grade, and let it sit under a shower cap or plastic wrap for 20-30 minutes, or heated for 15. Wash and style as usual).  Once you get the hair a little more conditioned, the ends will stop breaking and you will notice the growth better.
I think my hair looks great, and it felt great the minute I stepped out of the tub.

On day two, or after a long nap, you can opt to try a messy updo found on The Small Things Blog.

Not as great as hers, but I love the random feel of it,
and it is perfect for days that I want to wrap a scarf around my neck a few times.
Every day, basically.

Not sure what I am going for, but just a longer, casual do that I can leave down or messy bun up
would be perfect.

Jessica Alba inspired? Maybe.
I love her length in this picture and it looks great with the dark/carmel mix colors.

The quest continues....
I am brushing, massaging, oiling, and loving my locks to promote a little more growth.

We will see how they respond!


Lee said...

Oooh, very cute! My hair looks ombre just because the highlights are growing out! hehehe Mine is super long, even though I cut 3 inches off about 2 months aga. Now I'm thinking of bangs again, but not thick like last time, thin and long, just for the variety. The problem is I need to keep my hair back for work... not much I can do. Sigh. I love the gal's hair over at Funky Junk Interiors!

tammy said...

Looks very cute. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.

artsy heart said...

I LOVE your hair now!!! You look just fabulous--even better than Jessica Alba who became my favorite when she did The Dark Angel.