Friday, July 11, 2008

Desperate Housewife?

Last night I tiptoed into my kids room and hung up a dark blue Jazz blanket over their white drapes. A move of selfishness...... I want to sleep in without hearing kids fight over cereal.

It worked, actually, I got up this mornig at 8:30 ( I had a client so that was the latest I could afford) and they were all still in bed.

I am a genius.


Shannon said...

That's funny.
I had to take the cardboard I'd been using to blackout Josie's room out of her window. So that our house wouldn't look haunted while it's for sale. But now she wakes up so early ugh! I hate it.

Your blog is so cute and creative. When I come visit teach me please!

ramsam said...

Ahhh- cardboard darkened windows. Lovely from the inside, spooky on the outside. It's a shame. What about your spooky Halloween Shadows?

The Mecham Family said...

That is hilarious, and I have to agree-Genius!
I wish I had been your client!! I need to come and see you!! Soon, I promise!!!!