Thursday, July 10, 2008

Slamming doors and Having Words

Don't be deceived by the pictures on this blog. We are not just a family of sweet, freckled face boys that grin at mom. Proof of this fact; the front door . This is my precious wood and window door of my happy old house. This door has seen more visitors then I could imagine. It has served me well.

I was working on a client and heard my boys yelling at eachother- and then the shatter of glass made my stomach drop. Sure enough, Hayden had slammed the door in an effort to express himself- and completely shattered it. Note: this is the second door he has damaged from slamming. Upstairs he dislodged a door frame last month. We made him help fix it and gave him a 'time-out'. Not enough, obviously.

Door slamming now carries a hefty fine in our homes- up to Five bucks a pop. He will be paying for at least half of this glass piece (which is $100.00). We are waiting for the glass to come in, until then it is cardboard and painters tape. There is beauty all around........


Anonymous said...

We have have 3 door slammers in our family (me, Dylan, and Savannah) so don't feel so bad. It might make you feel better to see the holes in our walls and doors due to temper flare ups.


ramsam said...

I am trying to tell myself this was not a 'learned' behavior!

(hah! what a laugh)

CB2 said...

I think the cardboard is a lovely statement. Add a little decoupage and some stenciling and you're there!